SkillShare How to Practice Scales on the Guitar

SkillShare How to Practice Scales on the Guitar

This course outlines some helpful ways for a guitarist to memorize and master any new scale using exercises that promote ideal technique and rhythmic proficiency.

Using a two octave A Major scale as an example, you will learn exercises that help you to take any new scale and play it using a metronome in a variety of interesting and challenging ways including odd note groupings and polyrhythms.

Any guitarist looking to advance past the common pentatonic and blues scale plateaus would benefit from the exercises outlined in this course. One thing that separates professional guitarists from weekend warriors is a commitment to practicing rhythmic concepts and memorizing scale vocabulary, and this course provides you with the tools to be able to commit to that progress in an effective way.

This course is for intermediate guitarists who are looking to get more serious about improving their playing. If you feel like you're hitting a wall with your soloing, or even if you're an experienced musician looking for interesting new ways to work on your scales, then this course is for you!

All you will need to be able to take this course is a guitar you can practice on, and a desire to put the work into your playing.

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