Udemy Unlocking Pentatonic Box (15 Useful Exercises)

Udemy Unlocking Pentatonic Box (15 Useful Exercises)

A scale is a scale!!! It doesn't matter where you play it in therms of position on your guitar. For this, it very important to manage the scale fingering all over your fretboard to have 100% of flexibility in your playing.

We will go through all the 5 boxes of the A minor pentatonic scale, one of the most iconic and used scale in different context and genre, from blues to jazz, from pop to metal.

TABS and backing track are provided for each execise.

For each box I propose 3 exercises for each of the boxes. I think that we could learn and train different aspect in the same time.

Exercise type A (understanding and fix the position): approach to the considered box to fix the fingering and position, using alternate picking, slow, even and even and clean to study the box itself.

Exercise type B (focusing on right hand): once you navigate quite easily the box, we play it in 5 sixteenth pattern up and down, to concentrate more on the picking and strings skipping technique.

Exercise type C (focusing on left hand): we play now in 4 sixteenth pattern, which should sound more easy at first glance, but...it involves micro barring technique while you still using alternate picking.

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