Udemy Beginner Piano 1 by Margot Schweichler

Udemy Beginner Piano 1 by Margot Schweichler

We hear this, but when it comes to lessons, schedules can conflict and life can get in the way with progress. Not with Beginner Piano 1. This course brings to light several different teaching styles while challenging each student to thrive on their own progress. As a student you will find music theory easy to understand by tactile exercises that challenge your hands to play.

Beginner Piano 1 is tailored to fit the student learning at their own pace on their own time. Take the classes anywhere and at anytime. These classes are designed to build on key music theory concepts while incorporating those lessons into easy piano songs. Some songs you have heard time and time again but have not been able to play them, yet... It is your turn.

With key foundation exercises and memorable songs, that are easy to memorize, this class empowers each student to take control of their learning path and playing style.

Learn simple piano concepts in your home and refresh those fingers on the keys for as many times as you like. With practice comes progress.

Review these classes and build upon your knowledge as each class propels your skill level.

Thank you for choosing my class!!

Let's get started.

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