Udemy Joyful Noise Piano Method Level 1

Udemy Joyful Noise Piano Method Level 1

Pentatonic Scale

What you'll learn

Learn the proper posture, finger numbers and technique for playing the piano.
Learn to play by ear and read quarter notes and eighth notes on the piano.
Learn to play by ear and read notation for the pentatonic scale on the piano
Learn to create your own songs on the piano using the pentatonic scale.


A piano or keyboard is recommended for this course.


There are two established ways to learn to play an instrument, by ear or by reading music. Within this course, we will use a time tested strategies from general music education to combine these two ways of learning. Research has shown that learning music based on common melodies is an effective method for developing skills. All of the songs within this course are based on common melodies. However, the skills you will learn can easily be transferred to any type of music you enjoy.We'll start by learning the song, which you may already know, then transferring it to solfege, a common musical language used to connect what we hear with what we play and read. Finally, we'll connect to the piano itself using a step by step process that will ensure your success. The finally step is to add a musical accompaniments to help you sound like a pro.One of the common challenges in online musical instruction is knowing if you are doing it right. This course contains clear guided checklists to ensure you are developing habits that will help you be successful.The final step to developing your skills is being able to create your own music. Within this course, we will use a clear sequence of guided work to ensure your success writing your own songs at each stage.Learning a new instrument can be challenging. This course includes tips and tricks for practicing and ensuring your success as you develop good habits from the beginning.

Published: 3/2024
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