Udemy Lear How To Play Cello From 0 (First Part)

Udemy Lear How To Play Cello From 0 (First Part)

Learn the cello basics playing songs and having fun, with a certified SAA Teacher with more than 12 years of experience

What you'll learn

Acquire good posture and handling of the instrument.
Execution of simple and entertaining repertoire
Basic development of sheet music reading and interpretation skills
Learning a solid and fluid technique


You only need your own instrument and daily time to practice


Do you want to take your first steps in the world of Cello? Learn from scratch, in a dynamic and fun way, making music from the first moment. Forget about long and boring exercises. Learning using the Suzuki Method is learning to make music from the beginning. You will be able to play a multitude of songs, learn to read and interpret sheet music, elements of musical language and much more, all from the music itself and focusing on the development of a comfortable, fluid and robust technique, which allows you to build a good foundation for the future. ,The course is divided into three large sections, with several classes in each section. Within each class you can find instructions and lessons to advance in the Suzuki Book 1 repertoire. Each class is also accompanied by explanatory material, detailing objectives, care and repetitions expected to achieve these objectives.In this first part of the course you will learn cello from scratch, the basics of cello posture, bow position, body use, strength and your first songs. Having the video lessons allows you to progress at your own pace, whenever you want. If you want to learn cello in a new and innovative way, get on board!


Section 1: Cello Course

Lecture 1 Introduction to this course
Lecture 2 Class 0:Presentation and important information
Lecture 3 Class 1: Basics of posture and use of the bow
Lecture 4 Lesson 2: Gaining Streght
Lecture 5 Lesson 3: Placing hands and bow on the cello
Lecture 6 Lesson 4: First steps with the bow
Lecture 7 Lesson 4, second part
Lecture 8 Lesson 5: First Scale and reading
Lecture 9 Lesson 6: Mary had a little Lamb
Lecture 10 Lesson 7: Scales with Bow and Ode to Joy
Lecture 11 Lesson 8: Last Lessons and Goodbye

To anyone who wants to learn music in a dynamic and fun way, with a solid foundation that allows future development.

Published: 3/2024
Format: MP4
Video: h264, 1920x1080
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English
Duration: 2h 44m

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