SkillShare Recording and Producing a Memorable Podcast

SkillShare Recording and Producing a Memorable Podcast

Have you decided that the time has finally come for you to record and produce your very own podcast? Perhaps you've been contracted to produce somebody else's podcast and you need a bit of guidance, or maybe you already have a podcast and want to compose a melodic theme that takes it to the next level?

Whatever your situation, this class is for you.
In today's class, we're going to produce a short podcast episode from start to finish. We'll use generative AI to write a brief script, then record it. After that, we'll source sound effects and arrange them into the vocal recording. We'll also compose the perfect podcast-specific theme that can be reused throughout the episode and in subsequent episodes.

Students should prepare a microphone and a DAW for producing music, I'll be using Ableton Live 11. I'll also be using plugins sourced from Waves and Spitfire Audio.

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