Groove3 GarageBand for iOS Explained

Groove3 GarageBand for iOS Explained

If you're new to music production and want to start recording your own songs with GarageBand on your iPad or iPhone, you're in the right place! In this GarageBand for iOS video course, production wiz and GarageBand guru Eli Krantzberg teaches you everything you need to produce your first track with GarageBand, from initial setup through recording audio and MIDI instruments, adding effects, etc., all the way through mixing the song and sharing it with your audience. Even if you've never recorded before, by the end of the course, you'll be ready to start laying down tracks and have a blast doing it. These videos are designed for new GarageBand iOS users.

Eli welcomes you and begins with an overview of some of the gestures used in GarageBand, so you get an idea of the basic functionality moving forward. He also mentions some optional hardware you may want to add and explains why, before playing an excerpt from the song he'll be creating throughout the course. Then he gets down to business, starting at ground zero: opening GarageBand for the first time. You'll learn how to choose between a Live Loops or Tracks-based project, as well as how to use the Touch Instruments, load additional content with the Sound Browser, and operate the basic transport functions.

Then, you'll dive into the Touch Instruments more thoroughly, where you'll see how to change keyboard sounds, transpose the range, sustain notes, change the keyboard layout and size, use the pitch bend and modulation wheels, capture your first recording, and more. You'll also learn how to access other specialty features, such as the X/Y pads, gyro control, organ draw bars, Leslie rotation speed, conforming notes to specific scales, the arpeggiator, and chord strip functions.

There's much more to come throughout the course, including the Sampler (record a sound with the mic and play it on the keyboard), working with Smart Drums (using a grid to quickly and easily build up a suitable groove), Beat Sequencer (building a beat with visual grid blocks), song management (saving, moving, renaming, etc.), recording guitars/microphones/Smart Instruments, editing notes using Apple Loops and Live Loops, automation (programming changes in a track's volume, panning, effects, etc.), Remix FX, sharing your songs, and more!

GarageBand is a powerful music production tool and is freely available on any iOS device. With this GarageBand course, you'll be ready to take advantage of all its features and start making music you can share with anyone right away! See the individual GarageBand for iOS video tutorial descriptions for more information and to see more of what's possible with this app. Don't wait any longer to start recording your own music... Watch "GarageBand for iOS Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to create, name, move, duplicate, and delete a song, as well as share it with anyone when you're finished

-Playing and recording a myriad of Touch Instruments right from your phone or tablet or with an external keyboard

-Recording audio with a microphone or a guitar plugged into an audio interface and editing the audio to fix mistakes, clean up noise, etc.

-Creating drum beats with Smart Drums, Drummer, or the Beat Sequencer

-And much more!

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