Udemy How To Be A Successful Independent Artist

Udemy How To Be A Successful Independent Artist

Going To The Grammys, Getting You Music Played On The Radio, How To Get on Billboard Charts

What you'll learn

Making The Music (Step 1: Make Great Music)
Protect The Music WITH A PRO (Step 2: You're not famous yet, So mainstream will steal from YOU if you're really good)
Make An EPK or Music Website (Step 3: Create business cards, flyers, websites, prepare to advertise)
Distribute Professionally to All Major Streaming Platforms(Step 4: Apple Music, Spotify, VEVO)
Lyrics For Your Fans (Step 5: Lyrics get you found, Put your official lyrics on major websites and google)
Verify Spotify & Apple Music Page for Artists (Step 6: This isn't fun but you must do it)
GET INVITED TO THE GRAMMYS (Step 7: Yes, Independent artist can submit their music)
GET PLAYED ON THE RADIO and Chart top 10 worldwide(Step 8: This one is hard to do but not impossible)
GET SIGNED BY A RECORD LABEL! (Step 9: Should you sign or stay indie here is the truth)
DOES MUSIC PAY A LOT? Royalties, Per Per View(VEVO, Spotify, Apple Music) Live Performances
MARKETING YOUR MUSIC to reach a wider audience(Step 10: Should you even pay for marketing?)
BONUS: Overcoming Negativity: A Short Motivational Speech When You Feel Like Giving Up


A passion for music


Hi welcome to How To Be A Successful Independent Artist. This is the most honest and most important course for all serious music makers. In this course you will learn how to get invited to the Grammys, How to submit your music for consideration, How to get your music played on the radio and how to chart on billboard. You will learn the difference between studio recordings and live vocals. How to enter singing competitions and how to prepare. You will learn what record labels REALLY look for in an artist. You will learn what kind of marketing to spend your money on. You will learn how to professionally distribute your music to all major streaming platforms instead of just on youtube. You will learn how to post your official lyrics to major websites like Genius. You will learn about copyright and how to sign up with the Performance Rights Organization(pro). You will learn how to protect your music and how royalties work. This course is intended for all music artists who are ready to take their music to the next level. Getting played on the radio is still important.Getting on TV is important.Doing live shows are very very important. What isn't important? Having a lot of youtube subscribers, facebook followers or Twitter followers. (these things are fake and anyone can buy views, likes and subs) What matters to a record label is footage of your LIVE SHOWS and how many poeple actually attended in REAL LIFE.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction To Professional Music Production
Lecture 2 Making The Music More Professional
Lecture 3 Register & Protect Your Music With The Performance Rights Organization (PRO)
Lecture 4 DISTRIBUTION - Get on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, VEVO
Lecture 5 THE GRAMMYS - How To Register As A Voting Member and Submit Your Music
Lecture 6 BILLBOARD CHARS, RADIO PLAYS - Who Gets Paid For Radio Airplays?
Lecture 7 HOW To Get A Record Deal - What do Record Labels REALLY Look for?
Lecture 8 IN CONCLUSION: Market Yourself, Make Great Videos, Stay Positive, Be Encouraged
Lecture 9 Love Me Or Dine Alone ( Song by Stephanie Michaels)
Lecture 10 No Retreat No Surrender ( Song by Stephanie Michaels)

Anyone who wants to succeed as an Independent Artist

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