Truefire Dave Isaacs' Hands-On Fingerstyle Vol.1

Truefire Dave Isaacs' Hands-On Fingerstyle Vol.1

20 Jump Start Fingerstyle Techniques
Learning to play fingerstyle guitar is usually intimidating for anyone considering taking those first steps. It's like learning a new language - balancing melody, rhythm, and harmony, all on one instrument simultaneously. Dave Isaacs's Volume 1 of his widely acclaimed Hands-On Fingerstyle method will Jump Start one of the most rewarding journeys of your guitar-learning life!

If you've tried other methods or aren't confident that you can learn how to play Fingerstyle, this is the ideal method for you. Ask any of the thousands of fingerstyle players who felt just like you and they'll tell you exactly the same thing. Follow the order of Dave's bite-size Jump Start lessons, and witness yourself just how effective, fast, and fun this method really is.

”Whether you're a near-beginner or an experienced player looking to learn something new, I've designed this step-by-step collection of 20 bite-sized lessons to jump-start your exploration of the world of fingerstyle.

As you play your way through the course, I'll introduce you to essential techniques and mix things to keep you engaged with a tasty selection of different fingerstyle guitar varieties – from folk and blues to classical and contemporary acoustic. Then we'll practice together using slow motion and looping controls!”

The order and variety of each technique lesson is one of the secret ingredients of Dave's method. You'll play through the following Jump Start lesson in this order: The Basic Mechanics: The Pluck, The Basic Mechanics: Rotation, The Basic Mechanics: Rolls, Classical-style Arpeggio Study, Single Notes with Rest Strokes, Quarter Note "p" (Thumb) Bass, Simple A Blues Study, Folk Pick Study, Single Notes with Free Strokes, Introducing Double Thumb, Bass-strum with Thumb & Fingers, Introducing the "a" (Ring) Finger, Melody with "i-m" (Index & Middle), Block Chords in G, Simple G Blues Study, Rolls in A Major, A Major Pentatonic Melody, A Folk-blues Picking Study, Block Chord Triad Study, and B Minor Arpeggio Study.

You'll have TrueFire's interactive learning tools at your fingertips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.

The demonstrations and performances are tabbed, notated, and synced to the video with controls for looping, slow motion, fretboard animation, and many other tools designed to accelerate the learning process.

Grab your guitar, and let's get “hands-on fingerstyle” with Dave Isaacs!

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