Truefire Jackie Venson's Electric Joy

Truefire Jackie Venson's Electric Joy

Genre-Bending Creative Innovation for Electric Guitar
"Jackie Venson is truly an Austin legend in the making.” - Forbes

Grab your guitar and dial in Electric Joy, an immersive journey into the heart of musical expression through the lens of one of our generation's most dynamic and soulful guitarists, Jackie Venson.

Electric Joy unfolds across a meticulously curated selection of 10 tracks, each serving as a gateway to different facets of Jackie's groundbreaking guitar artistry. From the energetic grooves of "Witchcraft" to the soulful depths of "Love Transcends," Jackie guides you through her creative approaches and techniques, sharing insights, influences, and the sheer joy of playing guitar.

"I let the soul of the guitar seep into me. I draw on my emotions, my feelings, and the life I've lived. And that connection and storytelling is the cornerstone of my guitar inspiration.”

Witchcraft: Explore the funky, energetic world of "Witchcraft," learning to craft rhythm and lead parts that pulse with life. Jackie breaks down her approach to creating grooves that stick and solos that sing, all in the key of C sharp minor.

Rollin' and Tumblin': Enjoy classic blues with a modern twist. Jackie's rendition of this blues standard in G minor is a masterclass blending tradition with personal flair, offering lessons in rhythm and lead guitar that pay homage to the blues while pushing its boundaries.

Flying: Capture the sensation of weightlessness and success. In C minor and touching on E flat major, this lesson focuses on integrating guitar with vocal melodies, emphasizing the guitar's role as a companion to the voice.

Keep On: Dive into the reggae-inspired rhythms and African Sikous style lead lines of "Keep On," Jackie's most popular track. Set in B major/A flat minor, this lesson is a vibrant exploration of rhythm, melody, and the joy of musical exploration.

Back to Earth: Ground yourself with "Back to Earth," a song that experiments with drop D tuning and explores the major modes within D. This lesson is an invitation to experiment with chord progressions and rhythmic patterns that are unique and grounding.

Always Free: Embrace the energy of "Always Free," a rocking Texas four-on-the-floor beat song in E blues. This lesson is about letting loose, focusing on dynamic lead parts and rhythm techniques that encourage you to rock out and bang your head.

One Step Forward: Step outside the conventional blues box with "One Step Forward," a song oscillating between A major and minor. This lesson blends blues with jazz elements, offering a fresh perspective on improvisation and guitar playing.

Till This Pain Goes Away: Explore the nuanced rhythm techniques of "Till This Pain Goes Away," a song that blends fingerstyle and pick playing. This lesson focuses on the art of subtlety and the expressive potential of rhythm guitar.

Love Transcends: Experience the opening hook lines of "Love Transcends," a song that balances lead and rhythm in B flat minor. This lesson is about creating hooks that grab the listener, focusing on blending rhythm and melody to create a unique sound.

Rollin' On: Delve into the classic 12-bar blues structure of "Rollin' On" in E blues. This lesson emphasizes the importance of dynamics and the space between notes, offering a deep dive into the expressive potential of the blues.

Gear Talk: Jackie shares her insights into the gear and technology that shape her unique sound, from integrating a DJ sampler and foot pedal for dynamic control to the versatility of the Kemper Profiler Amp.

Electric Joy is more than a masterclass; it's an invitation to journey with Jackie Venson as she shares her love for the guitar, her musical insights, and her creative spirit. Through interactive lessons, personal anecdotes, and a focus on creative freedom, Jackie inspires guitarists to find their joy in music, pushing the boundaries of what it means to play the guitar.

"How I play the guitar showcases my best, most unfiltered self. I let the soul of the guitar seep into me.”

You'll have TrueFire's interactive learning tools at your fingertips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.

The demonstrations and performances are tabbed, notated, and synced to the video with controls for looping, slow motion, fretboard animation, and many other tools designed to accelerate learning.

You'll also get tab and standard notation files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and backing tracks to practice with.

Grab your guitar, and share the joy with Jackie Venson!

P.S. Check out Jackie's companion Electric Joy edition of In The Jam. Dial in your mix and jam over all ten of the tracks featured here in the masterclass!

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