Udemy Slay Some Single-String: 5-String Banjo

Udemy Slay Some Single-String: 5-String Banjo

Right-Hand Single-String Mastery

What you'll learn

You'll learn the possible combinations of single-string technique for 5-string banjo
This course only covers technique and some licks, no songs are introduced.
3 finger single-string style as played by Don Reno, Bela Fleck, and others.
TIM, TITM, and MIT techniques


Intermediate level, Understand Rolls, Know Basic Scales on the Banjo


In this course, you'll learn the banjo technique known as SINGLE-STRING from the ground up. Do you like Don Reno? Bela Fleck? Noam Pikelny? Well, you'll need to understand Single-String technique to approach their style. I have spent the last 20 years refining my right-hand technique approach for single-string runs in all sorts of styles (bluegrass/jazz/classical). This video cuts to the chase and gets you practicing each pattern in the most efficient manner, so you aren't wasting time trying to figure out when to use what.WHAT ARE YOU GETTING?Years worth of Material to Practice and MasterThings to watch out for with Single-StringOver 45 MINUTES of VIDEO instructionDemonstrations and Exercises for the following patterns (TI, TITM, TIM, MIT)FOUR single-string right hand techniques that leave you ready for anything you'll want to tackle.Exercises to increase speed and toneAccess to ANY supplemental material released in the future!WHO THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR?Beginners-This video is aimed at people who have been playing a couple of years. You need to be an intermediate player.This video is 95% working on TECHNIQUE. No songs are presented in this course. However, there are a few licks and scale passages presented.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: STAGE ONE: Thumb-Index

Lecture 2 STAGE ONE: Thumb-Index
Lecture 3 STAGE ONE: Bringing In the Left-Hand
Lecture 4 STAGE ONE: Some Notes About Quarter Notes
Lecture 5 STAGE ONE: Crossover Right-Hand
Lecture 6 STAGE ONE: Crossover With Left-Hand
Lecture 7 STAGE ONE: Breaking The Roll

Section 3: STAGE TWO: Thumb-Index-Thumb-Middle

Lecture 8 STAGE TWO: TITM (Right-Hand)
Lecture 9 STAGE TWO: TITM (Left-Hand)

Section 4: STAGE THREE: Thumb Index Middle Technique

Lecture 10 STAGE THREE: TIM (Right-Hand)
Lecture 11 STAGE THREE: TIM (Left-Hand Demo)

Section 5: STAGE FOUR: Middle-Index-Thumb

Lecture 12 STAGE FOUR: MIT (Right-Hand)

Intermediate Banjo Player looking to become more advanced,Banjo Players interested in learning to play like Don Reno or Bela Fleck

Published: 3/2024
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Language: English
Duration: 0h 53m

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