Udemy Ultimate Ableton Live 12 Part 7: Max for Live

Udemy Ultimate Ableton Live 12 Part 7: Max for Live

The Ableton Live 12 Training available! By J. Anthony Allen, Ableton Certified Trainer and University Professor.

What you'll learn:

At the end of this course, students will be able to produce music with Ableton Live 12 and be on their way to being a professional musician.
Master maxforlive in Ableton Live 12
Work in the Session View and Arrangement View of Ableton Live 12
Record Audio, Midi, and Understand Live's Signal Flow
Mastering in Ableton Live 12
Programming Max For Live
Mixing in Live 12
DJing in Live 12
Mastering DJ Tools in Ableton
The 7 (and more!) methods to making beats in Ableton Live 12
Producing with synths in Ableton Live 12
The Ableton Live 12 Instruments
The Ableton Live 12 Samplers
The Wavetable Synth (similar to Serum)


Students should be ready to produce music, but do not need to be experienced musicians. No prior experience is needed in music theory or production.
Access to Ableton Live will be required. Using the trial version (free for 30 days) would be a great way to start.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 1: Production Principles" will be very helpful, but is not required.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 2: Recording Music & MIDI" will be very helpful, but is not required.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 3: Producing Music with Live" will be very helpful, but is not required.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 4: Sound Design and Synthesis" will be very helpful, but is not required.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 5: Producing with Effects" will be very helpful, but is not required.
Finishing the class, "Ultimate Ableton Live 12, Part 6: Mixing, Mastering, & DJing" will be very helpful, but is not required.


Welcome to the Ultimate Ableton Live 12 Masterclass Edition: Part 7 - Max For Live!Hi – I'm Jason, Ableton Certified Trainer and tenured university professor with a Ph.D. in Music. I have over 75 courses with a rating of 4.5 and higher. Tens of thousands of students have taken my Ableton Live 9, 10, and 11 classes, and they average over 4.7 in student ratings.I'm here to guide you through the intricacies of Ableton Live. Whether you're a beginning music maker, aspiring producer, or a seasoned professional looking to up your game, this course is the perfect starting point.Why choose this course?Top Seller on Udemy: Thousands of 4+ reviews and tens of thousands of students can't be wrong!5-Star Certified: Independently reviewed and certified by IAOMEI, ensuring the highest quality education.Ableton Certified Trainer: With a Ph.D. in music, I bring a unique blend of expertise to both production and education.Responsive Instructor: Enjoy a 100% Answer Rate! Every question posted in the class is personally answered by me within 24 hours.My Promise to You: As a full-time Music Producer and Educator, I am committed to your success. Post your questions in the class, and I will respond within 24 hours. If this class doesn't meet your expectations, take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked.Why Ultimate Ableton Live 12?Comprehensive Learning: Master every aspect of Ableton Live 12, finishing as an expert in the software.Downloadable Content: Get more than 5 hours of downloadable videos with lifetime access.Workflow Techniques: Unlock my top production workflow techniques to streamline your creative process.Direct Access to the Instructor: Enjoy direct access to me for any questions or clarifications within 24 hours.In Part 7 of my comprehensive class, we cover Max4Live. (There are tons of patches in this lesson, free for you to use!)Max4Live is an incredibly powerful tool within Ableton Live 12 Suite. It is a visual programming language that lets you build anything you can dream in the realm of audio, video, and control. "Visual Programming Language?" I know that sounds daunting subject, so I'm giving you two ways to approach it:Learn how to harness it.I begin with a focus on "secret weapons" created in Max that are free to open up and see. Some are from me, but many are from the extensive community of programmers who give away their work. I teach you how to tap into this world for your own benefit.Learn how to build with it.Then, we dive into making programs (they call them "patches" in Max). I dissect some of my own patches so you can see how things work under the hood, letting you keep the patch and dissect it yourself. Then, we build some together!Do you want a dynamic MIDI generator that can play pretty melodies, forever? We make one in this class.This is truly one of my favorite topics to teach. It's such an amazing, versatile tool with the potential to do anything. I'm aware of how intimidating that sounds, so my class is built specifically to break it down for non-programmers like you and me.Why learn from me?Apart from being an Ableton Certified Trainer, I'm also a tenured university professor with a Ph.D. in Music Composition, AND a dedicated professional music producer. I've had a few tracks on the charts in the last few years, and a long series of awards for my teaching. My passion for teaching and staying at the forefront of music production techniques brings a unique perspective to this Ableton Live 12, and everything I teach.Don't miss this opportunity to master Ableton Live in the most comprehensive way possible. Let's embark on this journey together!See you in Lesson 1.All the best, Jason (but call me Jay...)

Who this course is for:

Anyone in any country who is ready to start their music production by learning everything they need to know about making music with Ableton Live 12.
Beginners: If you don't know much about music production, this is the best class to start with.
Intermediate: If you've dabbled with Ableton Live, but are missing the foundational knowledge of the program, start here.
Advanced: People using Ableton Live on a daily basis will benefit from the workflow tips, vocabulary, and techniques in this course.

Published: 3/2024
Created by Jason Allen
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