Udemy The Five-Minute Singer

Udemy The Five-Minute Singer

Master Singing the Smart Way with Anatomy and Habit-Based Practice

What you'll learn:

Learn how the vocal instrument works
Use a habit-based anatomical approach to tackle vocal problems one at a time
Improve your vocal range, stamina, agility, and power
Learn to fix common vocal issues such as cracking, nasality, and vocal strain


The Five-Minute Singer Introductory Course (Free)


Master singing even if you're incredibly busy Learn how singing really worksIncrease your range, power, and stamina​Troubleshoot and fix your own vocal problemsSave tens of thousands of dollars on voice lessonsUse anatomical knowledge and focused practice techniques to build new vocal habits in just five minutes a day! This innovative singing video course designed by university vocal instructor Elaina Robbins (MM, University of Michigan; BM, University of Southern California) features:13 interactive lectures averaging 30 minutes covering a specific area of vocal instruction (breathing, registration, tongue tension, etc.)A book chapter, worksheet, and fillable practice log to accompany each lectureVocal exercise videosTwo meditative-style vocal exercise videos​How this course came about:I started taking voice lessons as a teenager. Through the next decade, I studied with half a dozen extraordinary voice instructors at some of the best music schools in the country. But there was a disconnect - there was something wrong with me. The normal ways of teaching voice didn't click with my brain. I may be a performing artist, but I'm not exactly artsy fartsy; I think logically and I like specific, clear instructions. This is at odds with how voice is usually taught.Traditionally, voice teachers rely on images, sensations, and ideas to communicate. Instructions like “imagine a blowhole in the top of your head” or “feel roots coming out of your feet” worked for me sometimes, but not all the time. Even when they worked, I didn't understand why; I just knew I sounded better. And when the magic trick stopped working, it left me with no real knowledge about what was going wrong. I felt lost. Even after years of the best vocal instruction available, I felt like I knew nothing.The turning point came during my master's program at the University of Michigan. There, I studied with a fantastic teacher who, along with using images and sensation, focused heavily on anatomy. Finally! Anatomy was something logical something clear. Here was something I could work with.Thrilled, I seized that concept and ran with it. I started getting really technical, breaking down the main body parts associated with singing and learning to isolate each one as best I could. I completely changed the way I practiced, focusing on anatomy-based habit building instead of rote repetition.My singing transformed in one semester.My singing isn't perfect now, and it never will be. But now, when something goes wrong, I don't feel lost. I understand what the problem is, and I know what steps to take to fix it. I am finally in control of my own instrument, and it feels amazing. You can do the same.Through this book and the accompanying video course, you will learn to use the senses of sight, sound, and body awareness to objectively observe your singing. You will learn to isolate body parts associated with singing and gain control of these parts one at a time. You will learn to understand why you have the issues you are having, down to which body parts are causing the issues, and you will ultimately learn how to fix these issues.If you're worried about taking instruction from a classical singer, don't be. This course is completely genre agnostic. I am a crossover singer, and I regularly perform genres ranging from pop and folk to punk rock. I believe the basic tenants of singing are the same whether you're a rock star or an opera diva. While I do point out a few differences here and there, the vast majority of the advice in this course is not directed at a particular genre. After all, we're all working with the same body parts.An artistic, image-based approach to voice teaching has been the standard for hundreds of years. It works spectacularly for many students. If you aren't one of those students - if your brain prefers concrete, specific instruction, or if you crave true understanding of the vocal instrument - I have a feeling we're going to work very well together. Sign up today to start transforming your singing one body part at a time.

Who this course is for:

Singers of every level, from beginners to working professionals

Published: 2/2024
Created by Elaina Robbins
Format: MP4
Video: h264, 1280x720
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning
Language: English
Duration: 17 Lectures ( 4h 47m )

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