Udemy Play Capricho Arabe On Classical Guitar

Udemy Play Capricho Arabe On Classical Guitar

Learn the notes, Improve your technique, Play with confidence

What you'll learn

Be able to play "Capricho Arabe" by Fransisco Tarrega on classical guitar.
Use your left hand to play barre chords cleanly.
Identify the different sections and keys of "Capricho Arabe"
Learn the notes quickly while building good habits.


You should have some experience playing solo classical guitar pieces. Pieces like Sor' "Study in B minor" or Tarrega's "Lagrima" are good preparation for this piece.
You will need a guitar to play and practice on, a nylon-string acoustic guitar is ideal but any standard guitar will work.
The course included written sheet music, you may find it helpful to print the sheet music so you can reference it will practicing.


The goal of the this course is simple, learn to play the classical guitar piece "Capricho Arabe." This hands-on course is designed to get you playing the piece as quickly as possible without taking any shortcuts. The course contains video lessons that cover every measure of the piece in detail. "Capricho Arabe" is a challenging piece to be sure, and many players have attempted to learn to play it, only to get stuck. If you have ever started the piece only to abandon it part of the way through, this course will help you get over the finish line. And if you have ever been interested in playing "Capricho Arabe," but were intimidated by all of the notes, then this course is going to walk you through the piece, and let you go at your own pace. Everyone has a different learning style, so in addition to lifetime access to the video lessons you will get a PDF files of the sheet music of "Capricho Arabe". There are two files, one is written in both standard musical notation, and the other file is written in standard notation only. As with all Udemy courses, you get lifetime access to the videos so you can re-watch any sections as many times as needed. The one-time purchase means that you don't need to pay a monthly subscription to keep accessing the course. This is hands-on course that jumps right into playing "Capricho Arabe." The lesson videos walk through the notes of "Capricho Arabe" slowly, which actually will help you learn to play the piece faster. By getting everything correct the first time, you won't have the frustration of having to un-learn the mistakes from difficult passages. There isn't a lot of music theory, analysis, or music history in this course. Those are all valuable but the point of the course is to play the piece. If you enroll in the course you won't have to worry about when you are actually going to start to learn to use your hands to make music.This course is for intermediate players who can already play a few pieces. If you are absolute beginner, then you are not ready for this course right yet. If you feel comfortable with all the material with my first course on Udemy "Learn Classical Guitar Technique and Play Spanish Romance," then you should be prepared for the course. I hope you'll enroll today to start playing "Capricho Arabe."


Section 1: Introduction to "Capricho Arabe"

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Section 2: The Introductory Section and Main Theme in D minor

Lecture 2 The Introductory Section to "Capricho Arabe"
Lecture 3 The Famous Main Theme in D minor- 1st half
Lecture 4 The Famous Main Theme in D minor- 2nd half

Section 3: The F Major Section

Lecture 5 First Half of the F Major Section
Lecture 6 Second Half of the F Major Section
Lecture 7 The Famous Chromatic Scale

Section 4: The D Major Section

Lecture 8 The First Phrase of the D Major Section
Lecture 9 The Second Phrase of the D Major Section
Lecture 10 The End of the D Major Section/ Transition Back to D minor

Section 5: Finishing the Piece- Return to the Main Theme and Ending

Lecture 11 Returning to D Minor/ Ending
Lecture 12 Demonstration of "Capricho Arabe"

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 13 Conclusion

This course is designed for intermediate guitarists who can already play a few pieces. If you have completed, or feel comfortable with the material in my "Learn Classical Guitar Technique and Play Spanish Romance" course, then this course will be a good fit for you.,This is especially designed for guitarists who have attempted to learn "Capricho Arabe" in the past, but got stuck. The step-by-step videos will help you make it all the way through the piece.

Published: 2/2024
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