Lick Library Learn Rock Guitar Classic Tracks Volume 3

Lick Library Learn Rock Guitar Classic Tracks Volume 3

Learn five classic rock guitar tracks note for note with Danny Gill, tracks include; LYNYRD SKYNYRD Sweet Home Alabama DIRE STRAITS Sultans Of Swing DEEP PURPLE Highway Star JOE WALSH Rocky Mountain Way WHITESNAKE Still Of The Night Learn all the lead and rhythm guitar parts with the ultimate guitar guitar lesson course. Each song is clearly explained note for note with this award winning guitar tuition method

Learn to Play Rock Guitar Classic Tracks Volume 3
Delve into the realm of rock music legends with Learn to Play Rock Guitar Classic Tracks Volume 3 from This product takes you on an exhilarating journey of learning and mastering the art of playing note for note guitar songs. Included are some of the most iconic rock songs, including Still of the Night by Whitesnake, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh, Highway Star by Deep Purple, and Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Join tutor Danny Gill on this journey through some iconic guitar tracks.

Still of the Night by Whitesnake
This song's powerful riffs, constructed in a minor scale, showcase the band's distinctive blend of hard rock and blues. Central to the guitar's contribution is John Sykes, Whitesnake's lead guitarist. His keen ear for melody, coupled with his deft handling of string-bending and hammer-ons, ensures an intense sound. The solo is punctuated with sweep-picking and trills, delivering an unforgettable melodic journey. Sykes's techniques gave this song an unforgettable, electrifying edge.

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweeet Home Alabama, driven by its memorable major pentatonic riffs and a compelling D-C-G chord progression, is a Southern rock classic. Gary Rossington, the band's lead guitarist, offers up an interesting combination of alternate picking and slides throughout the song. His soulful solo, filled with double-stops and pre-bends, adds depth to the track.

Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way is celebrated for its impressive slide guitar work. Walsh employs a range of techniques like power-chords and sustain in the minor pentatonic scale. The song is known for its talk box solo, a distinctive feature of Walsh's guitar playing, contributing to his status as a rock guitar legend.

Highway Star by Deep Purple
Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple's lead guitarist, delivers a masterful performance in Highway Star. The song features complex arpeggios and fast alternate picking. The solo section is a virtuosic display of sweep-picking and hammer-ons on a minor scale, resulting in a high-energy, unforgettable track.

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler, the lead guitarist and frontman of Dire Straits, uses a finger-picking style to deliver a clean, crisp sound in Sultans of Swing. This song, characterized by a D minor scale, features arpeggiated chord progressions and intricate finger-picking techniques. Knopfler's solo is a testament to his ability to seamlessly meld melody with technique.

Guitar Techniques Used in this Course
In this course, a multitude of guitar techniques are explored, enabling learners to expand their repertoire and enhance their skills. These techniques include:

Alternate Picking
Arpeggiated Chord Progressions

The Learn to Play Rock Guitar Classic Tracks Volume 3 course from not only provides note-for-note tutorials but also dives deep into the specific techniques that shaped these iconic songs. This product will expand your musical vocabulary, refine your technique, and boost your understanding of rock guitar.

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