Udemy Advanced Mathrock & Midwest Emo Guitar Progressions

Udemy Advanced Mathrock & Midwest Emo Guitar Progressions

From the single-coil supremacy of the Telecaster come the angsty and emotional sounds of the Midwest emo/Mathrock Guitar series! These lessons are perfect for the brave student who's yearning to test their compositional knowledge and fingerstyle techniques in the style of one of the most sparkling and trendy subgenres known to guitarists!

Midwest emo has brought together a growing YouTube, instagram and tiktok guitar community in the form of short riffs and licks from bands describing their sound as "chilled out" math rock.

Iconic traits of this style are moveable chord shapes and singing melodies achieved by hammerons, pulloffs and tapping.

Traditional Mathrock is the embodiment of unusual time signatures. In this series we'll take a large inspiration from the contemporary scene. Bands like American Football which feature characteristics of abstract chord structures and polyrhythmic textures. Combining this subgenre with midwest emo opens the gates for greater creative expressions! Small amounts of experimental indie and jazz fusion could also be considered ingredients in this style.

In these progressions I've taken the liberty of teaching the simple concepts through an advanced approach. We're going to learn how to critically think through the chords and melodies by stretching our technical abilities. This includes a lot of left hand movement and right hand techniques of tapping not only 1 string but 2 in order to play double stops and power chords.

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What you'll learn
You will learn how to build melodies over abstract chords with fingerstyle
You will learn how to achieve harmonies using two handed tapping sequences
You will learn how to critically think through different voicings in alternate tunings
You will learn how to musically theorize different compositional ideas

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