BBC Maestro Songwriting Gary Barlow

BBC Maestro Songwriting Gary Barlow

This complete course taught by Gary Barlow, writer of 14 number one songs, is designed to take you from the tune in your head to becoming a successful songwriter.

What you'll learn
Whether you're a beginner, in a rock band, or a producer, there's a lot to be learned from Gary's course. Be inspired as he crafts a new song from scratch.

Meet your Maestro
Gary Barlow, OBE, is one of Britain’s greatest songwriters. He’s written songs for Delta Goodram, T-Pain, N-Dubz, Lily Allen, Shirley Bassey, Take That and more. He’s sold over 50 million records, had 14 No.1 singles and learnt a lot in 30 years. He's going to share it all with you on this course.

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