SkillShare Getting Started Producing Music

SkillShare Getting Started Producing Music

Are you someone that's just beginning the journey as a music producer? Perhaps it's always been a dream and now it's time that you're finally ready to make it come true for yourself? If so, congratulations! Your journey starts right here!

In this class we'll get started using music software (DAW) and will install and utilise our very first plugin. This class will cover drawing music into software to create MIDI tracks. We'll make a chord progression, a melody, and add a drum sample for good measure.

By the end of the class you'll have made your very first track, and will be well on your way to producing any type of music that suits you!

This class is perfect for absolute beginners who are ready to finally take that step and make their dreams come true.

For this class you'll need to choose and install a DAW software onto your computer. I'll be using Ableton Live 11 and I recommend that students also use this program, the lite version is a free way to get started.

We'll also use the Spitfire Audio App and Valhalla SuperMassive, both are free to download and use, and both communicate with and can be used within Ableton Live.

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