789ten Dark Progressive V.2 by Reggio

789ten Dark Progressive V.2 by Reggio

Known for a dark combination of Big Room and Progressive House, Reggio's sound is made up of self-taught studio techniques. Featured on Spotify editorial playlists, racking up millions of streams - Reggio and his latest producer pack are here to help you on your way to achieving greatness with your own sound.

Reggio takes you through his trademark multi-project file workflow, working out each section of the track in a unique methodical approach which is easy to follow. Reggio knows exactly where each sound should sit in the stereo field, and shows you how to place your sounds so they sit in the right pocket without interfering with one another.

Finish this 8 chapter tutorial with an improved workflow, and the samples and presets you'll need at your fingertips to find yourself on your way to making Dark Progressive bangers with ease.

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