Udemy Blues: The Next Level

Udemy Blues: The Next Level

In this series of lessons, we will expand our blues vocabulary by learning how to really play into the changes, highlighting the harmony of each chord. We will study our scale choices over each chord and learn countless licks, phrases and concepts that we can incorporate into our own playing, developing tranferable skills that can be applied to every genre of music.

We will learn slippery blues slur licks, blues fusion licks and harmonic concepts such as bebop inspired phrases, diminished ideas, jazz blues arpeggios using chromatic approach notes and much more.

This course is aimed at the intermediate player or the advanced player looking to improve their blues vocabulary. While the course is accompanied by tab, standard notation and diagrams, it is assumed that the student has already had some experience with at least the minor pentatonic scale and with expressive techniques such as string bending and vibrato. A basic knowledge of a standard 12 bar blues structure is also recommended.

The course features:

5 fully tabbed solos!
27 pages of Tab and diagrams!
4 Backing Tracks!
5 Guitar Pro files!

Dozens of licks and concepts!

Are you ready to take the next step in blues guitar playing?

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