Udemy Singers a must know about our voice

Udemy Singers a must know about our voice

Over this course I will show you basic facts about human voice and singing. In a very simple way we’ll go through the main areas - how our body creates sound, how we create low and high notes, how we get our vocal colour and vocal power, I will give you tips for optimal breathing and optimal body posture and I will share with you a couple of advices on vocal health.

Knowing these facts will really help you when you train your voice – whether it is singing or speaking. You will start to use your voice in a more efficient way right away and your vocal improvement will become faster. You will start to understand that you can sing with strong and powerful voice without straining and a lot of effort. You will start to work smarter, not harder! :)

With health tips you will be able to better care of you voice.

And I will share with you some amazing effects that our voice has on our body. Did you know that it is scientifically proven, that when we sing we boost our immune system, lower our stress hormones and raise our happy hormones? Your voice is amazing!

This course is made for singers, speakers, teachers and everybody who likes or would like to start to explore their voice.

Hope this knowledge is beneficial for your voice and your life.

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