MixWithTheMasters Shawn Everette Remixing ‘Tomorrow’ by Brittany Howard

MixWithTheMasters Shawn Everette Remixing ‘Tomorrow’ by Brittany Howard

Join the groundbreaking mixer Shawn Everett for a series filmed at Rue Boyer studios in Paris!

Throughout these video parts, you’ll get an exclusive look at how the Grammy Award-winning engineer challenges himself to remix ‘Tomorrow’ by Brittany Howard. This is not only a remix though – Shawn rearranges parts, makes bold edits, and gets very experimental with a sample of ancient Roman flute music.

Part 1
racking process, ITB mix version, plug-in removal, tempo map, mix buss templates

Part 2
Rainbow mixing’, reference tracks, frequency band processing, transient information

Part 3
Benefits of randomness, happy accidents, taming high end, excitement, stereo image

Part 4
Re-amping, saturation, presence, resonance suppression, EQ, compression, warmth

Part 5
String recording, reconstructing the parts, clip gain, EQ, dynamics, reverb, distortion

Part 6
Vocal close & room signals, preamp emulation, effects automation, edits, widening

Part 7
Printing reverb, string part rearrangement, master automation, BV pitch & formant work

Part 8
Tape echo, kick drum treatment, bass enhancement, pitch alteration with Melodyne

Part 9
Art inspiration, inversion concept, flute sample, chord structure change, creating chaos

Part 10
Track duplication, octave shifting, white noise, delta output, creative side-chaining

Part 11
Panning, treating ‘Roman Sludge’ tracks, chorus effects, potential further steps

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