Udemy Orchestration 3: Compose Orchestral Music for Brass

Udemy Orchestration 3: Compose Orchestral Music for Brass

Learn to properly utilize the brass section to create pure epicness in your works.

Brass is a very important part of the orchestra, particularly for build-ups and climaxes. Learn to use this family to your advantage in this complete brass course.

We will cover all the Brass families: Horns, Trumpets, Trombones and Tubas. This includes not just the orchestral instruments, but other instruments as well, such as brass in the marching band, brass ensembles, and other non-orchestral ensembles. Other instruments we will cover are the cornet, flugelhorn, sousaphone, euphonium, and more.

You will get a complete and well-rounded learning experience covering ALL these brass instruments.

There are a ton of resources in this course, so you can watch many live examples of the instruments we cover.

This course is a thoroughly guided course, which means that after we learn a new articulation, or learn about a new instrument, you will be instructed to look at the Resources folder, where there are plenty of examples for you to dive into.

This way, you will learn not just theory, but through seeing the real instruments. The well-thought out quizzes are designed to really challenge you and make sure you've absorbed all the material: theory, resources and practical exercises.

A Practical Learning Experience
I've included many more orchestration exercises, as well as a lot more orchestration examples. You will receive multiple challenges throughout the course, especially in the orchestration section and analysis section.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to test your orchestration abilities and practice what you've just learnt.

Not only that, but you will also see my own solutions so you can compare answers and arrangements.

Learn to use the orchestral brass section for - solos, harmony and background, countermelody, layering/doubling with strings and woodwinds, repetition, build-ups, climaxes, intensity, power and contrasting sections.

Are you ready to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the brass? Dive in today, and learn all the ways you can use the brass to your advantage to really drive up the intensity of your compositions.

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