Groove3 Top Vocal Production Effects In-Action

Groove3 Top Vocal Production Effects In-Action

If you're wondering what some of the latest vocal production effects are and how recreate them in your tracks and productions, this one's for you. In this vocal production video course, Production guru Gary Hiebner shows you a myriad of production techniques and effects that are heard all over the radio waves and charts. From subtle effects like doubling and slapback delay to more novel treatments like vaporwave-style effects and crushed, saturated vocals, you'll learn plenty of ways to keep things fresh and relevant in your productions. These videos are for those with general mixing and plugin experience.

Gary begins with an overview of the topics covered in the course and a look at the effect chain used throughout before getting into specifics. The first topic then covered is doubling, and Gary demonstrates how to generate a wide-sounding vocal by way of a harmonizer. Learn also how to create more room for your vocal in the mix by using sidechained reverbs and delays. Then discover how to create your own vintage slapback delay by adding some saturation to the delay effect.

Next, explore the use of saturation on the vocal itself, along with some filtering, to create a novel sound that provides a great contrast to a high fidelity sound. Then Gary teaches you an effective way for creating delay throws that offers more control than conventional methods.

Plenty more tips follow, including pitching vocals up and/or down (to blend with the standard vocal), formant shifting (for changing the timbre of the vocal), extreme stretched vocals (for creating drone-type effects), automation of reverb and tail volume (for creating variety and excitement), EQ filtered backing vocals (for contrast against the lead vocal), and much more!

Keep your vocal productions up to date with the latest tricks and processes, and keep your listeners tuned in and hanging on every word! See the individual vocal production video tutorial descriptions for more information. Say goodbye to boring vocals forever... watch "Top Vocal Production Effects In-Action" now!

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