Udemy Playing Psytrance Live Act With Ableton

Udemy Playing Psytrance Live Act With Ableton

In this course you will learn how to play your own electronic music in a live performance with Ableton live. You will learn how to organize your tracks to play a nice story, and how to adapt your story for each event, regarding which artist play before and after you.

You will see also how to use the EQ3, and to setup the CUE of the tracks to can synchronize 2 tracks together.

I'll teach you then how to assign a controller to Ableton live and how to use it, what will include the midi mapping and settings.

I'll show to you then how to add samples to the project, and to add an effect to this samples, and to configure it.

I will cover then the topic of how to keep the motivation to write enough tracks to play a full live performance, and how to test your music to know that you're ready to go for it.

After have done this course, you will be ready to play an amazing story, to bring the crowd on the dancefloor with a perfect flow in a really happy moment. They will have an amazing travel on your music and you will be so happy to have taken the time to learn my producer live life experience!

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