Udemy Psychedelic Music Production Workshop With Cubase

Udemy Psychedelic Music Production Workshop With Cubase

Level 1 part 1 included:
Main structure of a track in Cubase.

Create, open a new project. Choose BPM. Create Short cuts (key commands). Import samples.

Organize structure of the track. Use quantize. Kick in audio. Bass in midi. Effects in inserts: Equalization of Bass. Closed Hat. Equlization closed hat. Open hat.

Install V.S.T Use V.S.T Instruments: Synth 1 synthetizer: Sound design in midi: Create audio sample (Record midi). Differents types of filters. Record automation on Synth. Assign LFO. Equalization synth.

Bounce (export) midi files in audio files. Create short cut (key commands). Use of synth 1 syntheziser (explaination of oscillator, FM, Frequencies, LFO, Pitch, sound design). Mixe of a track finished. Pitch envelop process. Construction of a break in a track.

Level 1 part 2 included:
Use of effects on audio sample. Create an FX with one effect audio sample. Reverse an audio sample.

Zebra 2 syntheziser sound design (assignation of LFO), Create a patch (including 3 Twisted Kala Patches), write midi pattern + arpeggios..

Turnado FX. Analyse of a project of a finished track (arrangement, progression, place of percussions – snares, crash - , leads) .

Use of reverb. Analyse of stereo of a track with Paz analyser (antiphase, reduce stereo with S1 Imager).

Presentation of binaural VST, analyse of stereo.

Use of gate effect.

Construction of a break with kicks/timestretch a loop sample.

Remind about equalization of different sounds and percus. Mix of leads in a track. Write different midi patterns of Bass. Construction of a break with kick and Turnado effect VST.

How to record voices with microphone.

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