Udemy 10 Steps To A Strong Singing Voice

Udemy 10 Steps To A Strong Singing Voice

Do you want a strong, healthy voice that you can count on? Do you want to explore your creative and artistic potential? Do you want to feel radiant and confident when you sing in front of others?

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned performer, you can harness the power of vocal technique to become a more confident and creative singer. Simply follow these 10 steps, with intention and dedication and you'll soon find out what your voice is capable of!

Join me, Freya, your expert vocal guide, as we journey through all the essential techniques - from breathing to belting. Plus, you can download and keep the Course Journal as well as an entire album of practice tracks to sing along to, long after the course has finished.

Not only will you learn easy and applicable exercises, you'll also gain a deep understanding of the cutting-edge voice science that underpins the exercises - making you a true master of your instrument.

Plus, you'll learn how to keep your voice healthy, and what to do when your voice is not feeling at its best. And the course rounds off with the perfect five-minute vocal warm-up!

Your inner voice is waiting to be heard - are you ready to listen?!

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