Produce Like A Pro ProTools Basics 1 Mixing

Produce Like A Pro ProTools Basics 1 Mixing

What do CLA, Serban Ghenea and Rick Rubin all have in common?

- They all use ProTools!

There's a good reason why ProTools has been the industry standart for 2 decades:
It's an insanely powerful DAW, which allows you to perform any audio related task with ease.

In this course, you'll learn how to utilize this amazing software for Mixing.

Audio engineer and Assistant Professor in Audio Engineering Michael Stucker (I.U. Jacobs School of Music) teaches you how to use PT from the ground up: from setting up your first session and session navigation, to signal flow & routing, using foundational tools & features, all the way the final mix.

Even if you've never used ProTools before: after taking this class, you'll be able to navigate any mixing session with ease and understand the concepts you need to craft a great sounding mix.

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