Udemy The Ultimate Guitar Fretboard Notes Memorization Course

Udemy The Ultimate Guitar Fretboard Notes Memorization Course

The Ultimate Guitar Fretboard Memorization Course is a program designed to help guitar players memorize their entire fretboard within a few short weeks.

Learning the notes on your fretboard is one of the hardest things that a guitar player has to accomplish to be able to get to more advanced levels of playing. Your ability to play solos, scales, and chords all over the fretboard are all dependent on your knowledge and understanding of where your notes are.

In my journey of learning how to memorize my fretboard, I was really surprised to not be able to find any courses online teaching you how to memorize your fretboard considering it probably is one of the most difficult and fundamentally important aspects of guitar playing.

As far as I know, this is the only online fretboard memorization course that I'm aware of. And the very best!

This fretboard memorization program is something I initially created for myself to help me learn every single note in record time. When I started teaching, I took the program and taught it to all my students and it worked for them successfully. My youngest student is 10 years old and he was able to learn every note on his fretboard within a few short weeks.

The program is logical and is designed in such a way to make memorizing your fretboard as simple and effective as possible.

I've spent countless hours figuring out the best way to go about it and creating a program with the most simple yet intuitive exercises that will help you ingrain the position of all the notes into your memory.

You will first learn the method and a basic understanding of how the fretboard works and then you'll jump straight in to doing the exercises to begin your journey of memorizing your whole fretboard.

I truly hope this will be a breakthrough guitar course for those of you who have tried to learn the notes on your fretboard for years on end and have not been successful. I'm pretty sure that if you follow the program and do the exercises, you will know your entire fretboard within a few short weeks.

Learning every single note on your guitar will take your ability to navigate the fretboard to a whole new level. You will gain complete access to chords and scales from being able to access "root notes" all over the fretboard.

I'm excited about the release of this new course and I look forward to hearing all your testimonies!

Great Blessings,


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