Udemy Guitar Chords Mastery Total Fretboard Access

Udemy Guitar Chords Mastery Total Fretboard Access

Master Playing Chords Anywhere On The Fretboard. Learn Essential Theory, Chord Construction, and Chord Progressions.

What you'll learn

The main goal of this course is help you master the ability to play chords and chord progressions all over the fretboard.
By the end of the course you will be able to play chords and express progressions in any position of the fretboard from low to high
You will learn how to play the same progression in different areas of the fretboard to create unique tones
You will learn essential theory needed to understand chord construction. This will allow you to construct any chord anywhere on the fretboard.
You will learn how to memorize the notes on the fretboard. This is crucial to finding chords anywhere on the fretboard.
You will learn the foundational construction of major, minor, sus 2, sus 4, minor 7, major 7, dominant 7, augmented, and diminished chords
You will learn about slash chords and how to play more exotic and beautiful sounding chords
You will learn basic and advanced open chords and then learn how to move them around the fretboard
You will be given great sounding chord progressions throughout the course as exercises to help you master the techniques
You will learn how to be great at strumming and picking
You will learn triads and how to apply them to music
You will learn the CAGED system and why it is important in understanding the fretboard and chord playing
You will learn the Nashville numbering chord system that professionals use in the music industry
You will be an all round better guitarist who can confidently take chords of any song and play it anywhere on the fretboard
You will be done with beginner and amateur sounding chords, this course will take you to the next level


You need an electric guitar and amplifier
Acoustic guitars are fine too, they're just alot harder to reach higher registers
Beginner knowledge in guitar chord playing will help but is not necessary. I will walk you through chords from beginner to advanced levels
A desire to want to be good at expressing great sounding chords all over the fretboard in any position


Are you stuck playing only basic chords on the first 4 frets of your guitar?Are you tired of playing only power/bar chords and that is the only way you know how to access the higher registers of your fretboard?Fret no more! :)Welcome to Guitar Chords Mastery!This course has been specially designed to help specifically beginner to intermediate guitar players master chord playing all over the fretboard.I'm sure at this point you've seen how professionals rarely stay on the first 4 frets of their guitar when playing chords for a song. They're literally all over the fretboard! This is because they understand how chords are constructed and they also know where their root notes are. The combination of chord construction knowledge and knowing the notes on their fretboard gives them total access to any chord anywhere on the fretboard.The primary goal of this course is to help you get there!Here is how the course is structured and how it will work:-You will start by learning every note on your guitar fretboard. My note memorization section in the course will get you there very quickly.-You will learn foundational music theory that is essential for chord construction-You will learn the chord construction formula for every foundational chord : Major, Minor, Sus2, Sus4, Minor 7, Major 7, Dominant 7, Diminished, and Augmented-You will learn chord progressions as exercises to help you get used to playing different types of chords and combinations of them-You will learn how to play the most basic open chords then learn how to move these chords all over the fretboard-You will learn a unique approach of seeing chords all over the fretboard from a 6 string, 5 string, and 4 string perspective. -You will learn how to play great sounding slash chords. Understanding how slash chords are constructed will allow your chord playing to sound more exotic and professional.-You will learn strumming and picking techniques that are necessary for chord expression-You will learn about triads and how to find them all over the fretboard. -You will also learn how to apply triads in the context of a song. What use is a triad if it can't be applied to music? -You will learn the CAGED system and understand why it is so important for chord visualization all over the fretboard-For those who like playing guitar solos, you will learn a very powerful concept called the "CAGED Pentatonic Connection". This will help take your lead playing to the next level.-You will learn how to play the same chord progression in any position of the fretboard. This sets apart the amateurs from the professionals.-You will learn the Nashville numbering system to prepare you for professional work in the music industry-I will share with you my signal chain and what equipment I use to help you achieve the same guitar toneBy the end of this course:-You will have the knowledge and ability to express chords of any given song tastefully in any position of the fretboard. -You will sound more professional in your chord playing as you are no longer stuck to just open chords and bar chords. -You will be able to play any chord, using any string set, in any position of the fretboard. -At the end of the course, I will teach you how to play the entire song that I wrote for the intro of the promo video, I think you're going to love it! Over 8 hours of guitar instruction focused primarily on the art of playing beautifully voiced chords all over the fretboard.With Udemy's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, what are you waiting for?Jump right in and start learning the art of Guitar Chord Mastery!Wishing you the very best in your musical journey!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Guitar Chords Mastery Overview

Section 2: Fretboard Note Knowledge

Lecture 2 Introduction to Fretboard Notes Memorization
Lecture 3 Low E String Memorization
Lecture 4 Low A String Memorization
Lecture 5 GAB, CDE, FGA Memorization
Lecture 6 Octave Pattern
Lecture 7 F Note Memorization
Lecture 8 G Note Memorization
Lecture 9 A Note Memorization
Lecture 10 B Note Memorization
Lecture 11 C Note Memorization
Lecture 12 D Note Memorization
Lecture 13 E Note Memorization

Section 3: Essential Theory for Chord Construction Knowledge

Lecture 14 Introduction
Lecture 15 Tone and Semitone
Lecture 16 Intervals & Teminology
Lecture 17 Construction of Major Scale Using Tone and Semitone
Lecture 18 Construction of the Major Scale Using Intervals
Lecture 19 2-05 The C Major Scale on E,A,D,G Strings
Lecture 20 Major Chord Construction
Lecture 21 Minor Chord Construction
Lecture 22 Sus 2 Chord Construction
Lecture 23 Sus 4 Chord Construction
Lecture 24 Major 7th Chord Construction
Lecture 25 Minor 7th Chord Construction
Lecture 26 Dominant 7th Chord Construction
Lecture 27 Diminished Chord Construction
Lecture 28 Augmented Chord Construction

Section 4: Basic Open Chords

Lecture 29 Introduction
Lecture 30 G Major
Lecture 31 C Major
Lecture 32 D Major & D Minor
Lecture 33 E Major & E Minor
Lecture 34 F Major & F Minor
Lecture 35 A Major & A Minor

Section 5: Basic Open Chord Progression Exercises

Lecture 36 Exercise 1 - C Em C Em F G F G
Lecture 37 Exercise 2 - G D C
Lecture 38 Exercise 3 - Am Em F G
Lecture 39 Exercise 4 - A E D E
Lecture 40 Exercise 5 - Am C Dm G

Section 6: Advanced Open Chords

Lecture 41 Introduction to Advanced Open Chords
Lecture 42 C Major 7
Lecture 43 C Add 9
Lecture 44 C Dominant 9
Lecture 45 D Major 7
Lecture 46 D Minor 7
Lecture 47 D Dominant 7
Lecture 48 E Major 7
Lecture 49 E Minor 7
Lecture 50 E Dominant 7
Lecture 51 F Major 7
Lecture 52 G Sus 4 & G Add 4
Lecture 53 A Major 7
Lecture 54 A Minor 7
Lecture 55 A Dominant 7
Lecture 56 B Minor 7
Lecture 57 B Dominant 7

Section 7: Advanced Open Chord Progression Exercises

Lecture 58 Progression 1 - Am7 - Em7 - Fmaj7 - C Add 9
Lecture 59 Progression 2 - Dm7 - Am7 - Fmaj7 - Gsus4
Lecture 60 Progression 3 - Cadd9 - Em7 - Am7 - Gsus4 - Fmaj7 - Dm7 - Fmaj7 - G

Section 8: Power Chords / Bar Chords

Lecture 61 Introduction & Low E String Bar Chords Major
Lecture 62 Low E String Bar Chord Minor
Lecture 63 Low E String Bar Chord Major 7
Lecture 64 Low E String Chord Minor 7
Lecture 65 Low E String Bar Chord Dominant 7
Lecture 66 Low E String - Sus 4 - Tension and Resolve
Lecture 67 Low A String Bar Chord Major
Lecture 68 Low A String Bar Chord Sus 2
Lecture 69 Low A String Bar Chord Minor
Lecture 70 Low A String Bar Chord Major 7
Lecture 71 Low A String Bar Chord Minor 7
Lecture 72 Low A String Bar Chord Dominant 7
Lecture 73 Low A String - Sus 4 - Tension and Resolve

Section 9: Bar Chord Progression Exercises

Lecture 74 Progression 1 - Am G F G (low E string bar chords)
Lecture 75 Progression 2 - Eadd9 Dadd9 Cadd9 Badd9 - A string
Lecture 76 Progression 3 - Cmin Gmin G# Fmin Gsus4
Lecture 77 Progression 4 - Gmin7 Dmin7 D#add9 Fsus4
Lecture 78 Progression 5 - Dm7 - Am7 - A#maj7 - Fmaj7
Lecture 79 Progression 6 - Cadd9 - Emin7 - Am7 - Gsus4 - Fmaj7 - Dmin7 - Bb maj7 - Gsus4

Section 10: D string Chords - High

Lecture 80 D String Chords - Major
Lecture 81 D String Chords - Sus 2
Lecture 82 D String Chords - Minor
Lecture 83 D String Chords - Major 7
Lecture 84 D String Chords - Minor 7
Lecture 85 D String Chords - Dominant 7
Lecture 86 D String Chords - Sus 4

Section 11: D String Chords - Low

Lecture 87 D String Low Chord - Major
Lecture 88 D String Low Chord - Major Add 2
Lecture 89 D String Low Chord - Major 7
Lecture 90 D String Low Chord - Minor

Section 12: Low D String - 4 String Chord Progressions - Exercises

Lecture 91 Progression 1 - C Em Am F
Lecture 92 Progression 2 - Badd9 Ebmin E Em
Lecture 93 Progression 3 - Am7 Em7 Fmaj7 G7 Em7

Section 13: Slash Chords

Lecture 94 Introduction to Slash Chords
Lecture 95 Progression 1 - D/B, D/F#, D/G, Asus4 (Open Chord)
Lecture 96 Progression 2 - G, G/B, C , D
Lecture 97 D String Progression 3 - G, D/F#, Em, Em/D, Cmaj7, G/B, Am, D
Lecture 98 A String Progression 4 - Cm, Gm/Bb, Cm/G#, Cm/G, Fm, Cm/Eb, Fm/C#, Csus4, Fm

Section 14: Diminished 7th Chords

Lecture 99 Diminished 7th Chords on E,A,D Strings
Lecture 100 Application of Diminished 7th Chords - F,G,A Progression

Section 15: Strumming & Picking

Lecture 101 Strumming Tutorial - Strumming to the beat of a song
Lecture 102 Strumming Pattern 1 - DDD UUD DUDU
Lecture 103 Strumming Pattern 2 - DDD CCC DD DDD CCC DDD - Em, D, C
Lecture 104 Strumming Pattern 3 - DD UDUD DD - G, Em, C, D
Lecture 105 Strumming Pattern 4 - DDDD DDDD - Bm, A, G, F#
Lecture 106 Picking Example 1 - Dm Am Bb C - Bass Note & Random Notes & Sweep Picking

Section 16: Triads

Lecture 107 Introduction to Triads
Lecture 108 Major Triads - String Set 1
Lecture 109 Major Triads - String Set 2
Lecture 110 Major Triads - String Set 3
Lecture 111 Major Triads - String Set 4
Lecture 112 Minor Triads - String Set 1-4
Lecture 113 Diminished Triads - String Set 1-4
Lecture 114 Augmented Triads - String Set 1-4
Lecture 115 Progression Exercise 1 - F G Am C
Lecture 116 Progression Exercise 2 - Em D C

Section 17: The CAGED System

Lecture 117 The Major CAGED System
Lecture 118 The Minor CAGED System
Lecture 119 Low E String - CAGED Chords & Pentatonic Connection
Lecture 120 Low A String - CAGED Chords & Pentatonic Connection
Lecture 121 D String - CAGED Chords & Pentatonic Connection

Section 18: Playing The Same Chord Progression in Different Positions

Lecture 122 Progression 1 - Am F G Em

Section 19: Nashville Numbering System

Lecture 123 Introduction to Nashville Numbering System & Progression 1 - I, IV, V
Lecture 124 Progression Exercise 2 - I, IV, VI, V

Section 20: Song Study - Promo Video Song Walk-through

Lecture 125 Introduction
Lecture 126 Equipment & Signal Chain
Lecture 127 Promo Video Song Play-Through
Lecture 128 Promo Video Full Song Tutorial

Section 21: Conclusion

Lecture 129 Final Words & Thank You

Beginner to Intermediate guitar players seeking to master basic and advanced chord playing all over the fretboard

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