Udemy Katerina’s Voice Method

Udemy Katerina’s Voice Method

This easy-to-follow, self-directed online course for adult beginners is organized into six lectures and ten warm-up exercises that are designed to move your singing voice to the next level! Coming from Katerina Utochkina, an experienced and highly successful vocal coach (Katerina’s Voice Studio, vocal coach of Gabriela Bee among many others), it is an evidence-based method, as the results are confirmed and proven by many students who seek Katerina’s advice every day.

In these lectures, you will be learning proper breathing technique, improving your vocal tone by exploring and finding more vocal resonance, and growing your range with the help of the knowledge about vocal registers, such as head voice, chest voice, and mix. The final two chapters are more about organizing your practicing by learning songs efficiently, as well as some tips on staying healthy and in your best vocal shape. You will be given the practice tools in the form of the easy-to-follow warm-up tracks, available in four different ranges to suit most students’ voices. While you are following the lectures, you are given suggested exercises that match each topic well. These exercises can be done completely on your own time and in any order, once you’ve listened to and followed all the lectures in this course.

As much this course is primarily for beginners, these techniques are also perfect for anyone who is looking to brush up on their technique, or is looking for a new approach to these common topics on singing. Whether you are looking to discover the basics of singing technique, or just learn to improve the routine of your singing practice, this method will be helpful in teaching you new concepts, setting new goals and staying motivated. Get started today, no experience needed!

What you'll learn

Learn to properly breathe, use vocal registers and navigate your entire singing range
Find out how to properly learn a song, and start building a song list
Build confidence and find joy in exploring your voice
Organize and motivate yourself to practice with included warm-up guides!
Stay healthy with a proper vocal hygiene

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