Udemy Reaper Course A Complete Guide Easy Reaper Daw

Udemy Reaper Course A Complete Guide Easy Reaper Daw

Create songs with Reaper by Cockos. Become an audio recording artist or producer the easy way. No experience required.

What you'll learn

Using Reaper by Cockos In and Out
Master Recording Audio
Working with MIDI
Recording Techniques in the DAW
Understand All the Windows in Reaper
Creating a Workflow for Yourself
Have a Strong Foundation of Automation
Mixer Window Basics




Welcome to the Reaper course! In these tutorials, you'll learn this amazing software in and out. At the end of this course, you'll be able to make music with Reaper DAW and use it on any of your projects.I cover the latest version of Reaper in this course.A brief list of what we'll go over:install the DAWgetting startedwindows, mac, linuxhow to import mp3 in ReaperWorking With AudiofadesHow to record takes in Reaper Detailed MIDI workflow and featuresTransport Windowhow to use automation track Automation Studio UsageIt doesn't matter what operating system you have. Whether you're using a MAC, Linux or Windows, I have made sure to provide you with the information you need to start making music. I have been producing music for 3 years and I will teach you all the features that I've learned over these years.No prior experience required.We'll break down all the interfaces one by one, so that you get familiar with Reaper quickly. You will also get all the practice files used in this course so that you can get hands-on experience with the DAW.This is an easy set of tutorials. Save yourself the time and effort to figure out this DAW by yourself!Feel free to check out the free preview now. Updates:Added a new setting lecture to the course.Reaper Course: A Complete Guide | Easy Reaper DAW Tutorial


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What makes Reaper Different

Section 2: Do This To Make the Most Out of This Course

Lecture 3 Do This To Make the Most Out of This Course
Lecture 4 All Mac OS shortcuts combined

Section 3: Getting Started With Reaper

Lecture 5 Installation on Windows (XP to 10)
Lecture 6 Installing on Mac
Lecture 7 Installing on Linux
Lecture 8 How to Setup Your Devices

Section 4: Reaper Overview

Lecture 9 Introduction to the Home Screen
Lecture 10 Customizing The Transport Window
Lecture 11 Getting the First Sound Out of Reaper
Lecture 12 Mac OS shortcuts

Section 5: Working With Audio in Reaper

Lecture 13 Record Your Audio Like This
Lecture 14 This Feature Makes it Easy to Record!
Lecture 15 Mac OS Shortcuts

Section 6: Working With MIDI in Reaper

Lecture 16 Recording MIDI
Lecture 17 MIDI Won't Work Without These
Lecture 18 Introduction to MIDI Window
Lecture 19 VST Used
Lecture 20 No MIDI Keyboard? No problem!
Lecture 21 Options At the Bottom of the MIDI Window
Lecture 22 Change the Character of MIDI
Lecture 23 A Mind-Blowing Feature in Reaper
Lecture 24 Mac OS shortcuts

Section 7: Make Your Tracks Interesting

Lecture 25 Introduction to Automation
Lecture 26 Dynamic Way of Writing Automation
Lecture 27 Two Interesting Modes
Lecture 28 Mac OS shortcuts

Section 8: Do This to Make Your Tracks Blend Together

Lecture 29 Make Your Tracks Sound Like One Track (Mixer Window Basics)

Section 9: Make Your Projects Manageable

Lecture 30 How to make your Projects Well-Arranged
Lecture 31 Mac OS shortcuts

Section 10: Bonus Lectures

Lecture 32 Switch Computers But Don't Lose Your Preferences
Lecture 33 Export your Project
Lecture 34 A Few Important Preferences
Lecture 35 Do you Find the .Reapeaks Files Annoying?
Lecture 36 Conclusion

Beginners looking to learn a DAW,Reaper for Beginners

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