Udemy The Ultimate Piano Course for Everyone

Udemy The Ultimate Piano Course for Everyone

This Beginner Piano Course has 11 lessons, 14 videos with 2.5 hours, and a 75 page workbook with pictures and charts to follow along.

Lesson 1 - Notes - starting off from the very beginning on how to name and quickly find piano notes
Lesson 2 - Steps - talking about whole and half steps
Lesson 3 - Scales - combining steps to create a scale
Lesson 4 - Finger Placement - the correct way to use your fingers
Lesson 5 - Number System - one of the most eye opening lessons to find similar patterns in songs
Lesson 6 - Chords - using scales to create chords
Lesson 7 - Playing a Song - using chord / number chart to play songs
Lesson 8 - Inversions - reducing hand movement by using inversions
Lesson 9 - Sus Chords - adding texture and tension to chords
Lesson 10 - Slash Chords - separating your right hand from left hand to create passing chords
Lesson 11 - Chord Progressions - combining everything in the previous lessons to create 4 simple chord progressions that will allow you to use different dynamics to play songs

This course will teach you not only to quickly learn songs, but to play them in a way where they will really sound amazing! My goal with this piano course is to help you learn how to play your favorite songs as fast as possible! Out of all the ways to learn piano, I really believe my playing style will be able to help you learn the fastest!

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