Groove3 Mix Review Pop Synthwave

Groove3 Mix Review Pop Synthwave

Join mixing guru Fabio Lendrum as he takes you through a complete review of a pop synthwave mixing session. In this comprehensive mix review video course, you'll see and hear Fabio go over his mix choices and problem-solving strategies as they apply to every aspect of this track: lead vocals, BG vocals, drums, guitars, keys, etc. You'll also watch how the rough mix is transformed to the final mix and even get details on the final mastering stage. All of the stems are included ifor download, so you can follow along on your DAW. This is a great opportunity to see and hear how to bring this great Pop Synthwave track to life. These videos are for intermediate mixing engineers.

Fabio begins by introducing the song that's used throughout the tutorial and provides a big-picture overview by comparing the rough mix to the finalized one so you can hear exactly what you're aiming for. Beginning with the lead vocal, Fabio explains how he transforms it with EQ, compression, de-essing, analog emulations, and reverb/delay. You'll also learn a pro tip about using gain automation to provide extra lift in the chorus.

Next, you'll see how he treats the BG vocals, ensuring they don't interfere with the lead, and also some ways to create a tonal change in the lead vocal to provide contrast in the bridge section. After that, it's onto the drums, where you'll discover how he processed the whole kit with EQ, saturation, parallel processing, transient-shaping, and more. For the bass, you'll hear how he enhanced the plucked sound by volume-shaping each eight-note hit, also fleshing out the bottom end with harmonic excitement.

There's much more as well, including the synth buildup (using a special reverb with upwards compression), synth layers (adding saturation for increased harmonics), pads (saturation, notch filtering, and side-chaining), guitars (amp emulation for added life), transitional effects, impacts, mastering, and more!

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