Udemy How to play and sing along ULTIMATE guide for beginners

Udemy How to play and sing along ULTIMATE guide for beginners

In this class you will learn how to easily approach any song you would like to sing and play at the same time (and how to overcome many of the usual obstacles that you might encounter in your journey!)

What will you learn:

A simple and effective framework to break down any song
Strategies for better coordination of voice and hands
Basics for arranging a song to your own personal interpretation

The skill of singing while accompanying yourself at the same time with an instrument it’s an invaluable self expression method:

It provides you with a high level of confidence
The ability to convey messages and emotions in one of the most effective ways!
And on top of all: It gives you the power to connect (with) people meaningfully through music.

This class is directed towards people who are just beginning their musical journey and have a little experience with their instruments (Even a couple of weeks learning the basic chords would do!).

List of needed materials for students:
Instrument that can produce chords (Preferred: Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard-based instruments)
Device to record audio or video/audio for the class project

Provided materials:
Music sheets with lyrics and chord diagrams
Visual representations of rhythmic patterns in songs
Detailed checklist to apply the class framework with any song /FAQ and Tips