Udemy Intermediate Cello Course, Part II Best Etudes by S. Lee

Udemy Intermediate Cello Course, Part II Best Etudes by S. Lee

Have you already learned all basic cello skills, explored Sebastian Lee etudes Op.31 No. 1 - 6 and ready for more music boost your level? This cello course is made with you in mind!

I know that you are busy with so many things to take care of. Although I do not promise for you to be able to play cello well after 1 hour or one day, I will teach you how to achieve good progress while having limited time to practice. We will not be learning to play cello by studying music theory and sitting by the computer. We will do it by trying to play as much as possible.

You will get 6 complete tutorials how to play the etudes 7 to 12 from Sebastian Lee's Melodic and Progressive Exercises Op.31 Book 1. While working on these melodic etudes, you will improve your rhythm, get better understanding of bow distribution, get used to paying attention to breathing to improve your sound quality, start playing staccato, get more creative understanding different moods of each piece and much more!

This course consist of the following parts:

The etude no. 7 - Exercise on the legato. Bow distribution.
The etude no. 8 - Exercise for the right wrist. Advanced right hand technique and string crossings.
The etude no. 9 - Melodic exercise. Upper positions on the lower strings.
The etude no. 10 - Rondo. Various bowing techniques.
The etude no. 11 - Melodic exercise. Introduction to off string bow stroke.
The etude no. 6 - Exercise for the right wrist. Spiccato exercises.

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