Udemy Essential Guitar Barre Chord Bio-Mechanics

Udemy Essential Guitar Barre Chord Bio-Mechanics

Complete Guide to Barre Chords for Absolute Beginners or those struggling with them.

What you'll learn

Do Barre Chords seem Impossible? Not Anymore! This is the COMPLETE Bio-Mechanical Solution for EVERY guitar player!
Understand and Optimize YOUR capacity to play Barre Chords
Upon course completion you will know more about HOW to play guitar correctly than most guitarist EVER LEARN
20+ Pages of downloadable PDF lesson plans with explanations
Fantastic for anyone who wants to TEACH guitar and help their students understand how to accomplish barre chords
Step-by-Step curriculum building up to extreme barre chord examples
Course includes various music application sections & practice suggestions


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Essential Guitar: Barre Chord Bio-Mechanics by Chris B. JácomeComplete Guide to help you get YOUR hands to accomplish any Barre Chord you come across!~This course is for:1. Absolute Beginners2. Guitarists struggling with Barre Chords3. Guitar Teachers~This is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL COURSE for (in my opinion) EVERY. SINGLE. GUITAR STUDENT. and Aspiring Guitar Teacher!TRULY!Having trouble with Barre Chords on Guitar? You should take this course.Don't know what a Barre Chord is? You should take this course.Want to understand HOW to play guitar more effortlessly? You should take this course.Want to to be a better guitar teacher by understanding how to optimize a students bio-mechanics? You should take this course.~I 100% GUARANTEE that you will be so glad you took the time to go through this course!I am immensely proud of this course and I know that this course can take an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to Barre Chords and provide YEARS worth of study and knowledge with the tools I provide you to optimize your unique capacity on the guitar.**My courses ACTUALLY TEACH! I am not just SHOWING...I TEACH and COACH you! This is a CRUCIAL Distinction that makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! A teacher can guide you through the principles behind the techniques and give you insights as to why something is the way it is so you build a skill-set of which you can take ownership. My ultimate goal is for you to be able to discover your own path to success using my curriculum as a guide to take you step-by-step through each skill and concept. ~Want to TEACH GUITAR?? **This course is a MUST HAVE for anyone serious about helping their students. **~"Your lessons are so good. The way you break it down, into half a measure at a time and explaining the beats, really I don't think it's possible to break it down any further, and it makes it accessible to me. " - Elaine H.~Upon course completion (and with diligent practice), YOU will know how to play any type of Barre chord you ever come across. You will know how YOUR body works best and be able to find the best solutions for you to accomplish any barre chord...EVER!!!~*With this 100% Linear Curriculum, YOU CAN be a BARRE CHORD MANIAC!!!! I PROMISE! I KNOW you can EXCEL at playing Barre Chords!!!**Aren't you tired of learning random informational snippets from various online sources and feeling like you're really getting nowhere?I've been teaching guitar for DECADES!. I have multiple fixes for every possible question but one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see students make is skipping the absolute fundamentals. That's why I start from the very beginning so I KNOW that you will have everything you need to develop and HAVE SUCCESS with your guitar skills!**"I would recommend Chris Jácome to anyone ." - Wes W.**So, what are you waiting for?If you're at all interested in learning knowing about Barre Chords on Guitar, this course is MANDATORY!!!Oh...and you will also receive PRINTABLE PDF Lesson Plans of ALL THE MATERIAL in the COURSE!!!!!Yep! => 25+ Pages of detailed lesson explanations!!!GET STARTED NOW!I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR success story!!!**This course is a MUST for anyone serious about learning guitar! Get started today!!!

Who this course is for
Anyone having trouble with Barre Chords,ALL Levels,Fantastic course for guitarists that want to learn to teach guitar

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