Udemy Beginners Guitar Crash Course

Udemy Beginners Guitar Crash Course

Learn guitar from scratch in easy steps to fit your schedule

What you'll learn

Master basic chords used in many popular songs
Learn to easily strum straight and syncopated rhythms
Use one pentatonic scale to easily "jam" with friends in both Rock & Country styles
Play either Fingerstyle or Flat-Picking techniques (both are covered)
Play a Chord Melody style song


No experience necessary - follow simple steps and surprize yourself and others by how well you can play
Have a guitar ready (acoustic, nylon string or electric is okay)
Plan 15 minutes or so each day (little and often is best for busy adults) and feel your progress


Who this course is for:Beginners who want to just play without too much theory or note readingAnyone who always wanted to play but could never find the timeAdults and late teensThis course is NOT recommended for younger children who can benefit from a more comprehensive approachRequirementsNo experience necessary - just be ready to take simple steps to learn how to playHave a playable guitar ready (acoustic, nylon string or electric is okay)Plan for some regular practice (little and often is best for busy adults)DescriptionLearn guitar in simple, easy steps, even if you have very little timeTrack your progress and see resultsChoose fingerstyle or pick (plectrum). Both are covered and advantages of each explained.Focus on one, then go back to learn the other when you have timeHow it WorksBegin by learning modern sounding arpeggios (chords played as single notes).Learn easy one-finger chords to gain basic skills and confidence switching between chordsWork your way up to three-finger chords, then get ready to take on strumming.Begin strumming with down strokes then add up strokes. Once you're ready - add syncopation.Challenge yourself by playing chords from a song called “A Horse With No Name.”Learn ONE Scale used in blues, rock, and country music. Watch the example videos then use the scale to play along with backing tracks."Introduction to improvising" guides you to create your own single note solos to "jam" with friends.Try your hand at chord melody following the example.Follow this step-by-step approach and surprise yourself, friends and family with your new skills.Learn guitar in easy steps with this beginner's crash course and start playing guitar today


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Things to Know First and What's in this Course
Lecture 2 Download Printout Used in the Course
Lecture 3 Tuning the Guitar
Lecture 4 Fingers or a Pick - Choose your Weapons
Lecture 5 Why Adults Fail at Learning Guitar and How Not to
Lecture 6 Tips to Make Best use of Your 15 Minutes a day Practice

Section 2: Picking - Playing with a Pick (or Plectrum)

Lecture 7 Picking Technique Introduction
Lecture 8 Single String Picking Exercise 1
Lecture 9 Single String Picking Exercise 2
Lecture 10 Pick Strumming Exercises

Section 3: Fingerstyle for playing single notes and chords

Lecture 11 Fingerstyle Introduction
Lecture 12 Fingerstyle Mechanics
Lecture 13 Fingerstyle - Rest Stroke Exercise

Section 4: Chord Arpeggios - Switching Between Chords Using Arpeggios

Lecture 14 Arpeggios - with a Pick or Fingerstyle
Lecture 15 Simple Chords - Easy Does it!
Lecture 16 FUNKey TAB Explanation
Lecture 17 FUNKey Chord Tones Playthrough 120 bpm
Lecture 18 FUNKey Chord Tones (TAB/Notation) at 95 bpm
Lecture 19 FUNKey Chord Tones (TAB/Notation) at 120 bpm

Section 5: Master the Basic Chord Shapes

Lecture 20 5 Basic Chord Shapes Example 1
Lecture 21 5 Basic Chord Shapes Example 2
Lecture 22 Minor Chords

Section 6: Strumming

Lecture 23 Strumming Methods
Lecture 24 Basic Strumming while Changing Chords
Lecture 25 Syncopated Strumming
Lecture 26 Strumming - a Nameless Horse

Section 7: Scale Your Way to the Top

Lecture 27 Blues & Country Scales
Lecture 28 How to Improvise Using the Pentatonic Scale
Lecture 29 Country Rock Track - Chords & Strumming Pattern
Lecture 30 Jamming with Country Rock Track
Lecture 31 Blues Chords
Lecture 32 Jamming with the Blues Rock Track

Section 8: How to Play Chord Melody

Lecture 33 4 Simple Steps to Play Chord Melody
Lecture 34 Freight Train - The Fast Track!
Lecture 35 Steps 1 and 2 Learn the Chords and the Scale
Lecture 36 Step 3.1 - Melody Notes With the C Chord
Lecture 37 Step 3.2 - Melody Notes With the G Chord
Lecture 38 Step 3.3 - Melody Notes With the E Chord
Lecture 39 Step 3.4 - Melody Notes With the F Chord
Lecture 40 Step 4 - Putting it all Together

Section 9: Bonus Section

Lecture 41 Blues Jamming Screen Capture - Notation for Lecture 29

Beginners who want to skip theory and just play,Anyone who always wanted to play, but could never find the time using traditional methods,Adults and late teens,NOT recommended for younger children who can benefit from a more comprehensive approach

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