Udemy Youth Hip-Hop Songwriting For Beginners

Udemy Youth Hip-Hop Songwriting For Beginners

Parents, has your child expressed an interest in Hip-Hop, but you’re just not sure how to expose them to the music in a safe, and age appropriate way? Do you feel like your child could benefit from a creative outlet that allows them to discover who they really are outside of Tik Tok and social media trends? Malik LovesYall’s Hip-Hop Songwriting Course provides a safe and engaging space for your children to learn about Hip-Hop, creative writing and self expression in a way that is authentic and meaningful to you and your child. In this five session course, I will be teaching your children how to...

Express themselves with confidence
Regulate their thoughts and emotions
Use songs & games to enhance their literacy and public speaking skills
Write songs from scratch
Authentically engage with the world around them

There is absolutely no experience needed! This course is great for children ages 8+.

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