Udemy The Right Chord

Udemy The Right Chord

You've always wanted to join in with your guitar or keyboard instrument, accompanying other people singing or playing.

You always wanted to be able to improvise on harmonies with a group jamming.

But you never could.

Because you need a book or some other aid to tell you which are the right chords for the song or piece.

But you have seen other people (the fortunate ones...) who can do that - effortlessly.

They just sit down in front of the piano or take up a guitar, and play along.

And it sounds amazing!

What you'll learn

Be able to recognize chords in a song by ear, with, and even without an instrument
Know how to harmonize - add chords to a melody
Know how to create a melody to fit a chord progression, which opens the way for improvisation on a chord progression
Understand the logic behind chord progressions, and learn to hear it in music

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