Udemy How To Network As A Rapper

Udemy How To Network As A Rapper

Learn how to professionally network as a rapper

What you'll learn
Setting up your music portfolio
Setting up your social media
People will come to you on the way.
How to collaborate
How to remain a student
How to be social

No experience needed for this step. Open mindedness is required.

This course is super easy to follow I've broken down a relatively simple practical approach to networking using past experience. This approach worked for me in being able to break myself out into socialising on a higher level. I know it can be nerve wrecking to meet people who are more powerful, smarter and more competent than you are currently.Follow my practical advice and tips to reach a higher plane of life that you have never experienced beforeThis is advice works in favour for those who are more introverted, but the same principles apply to extroverts also.I've designed this course to be used as a way of life instead of a direct tactical approach and before we can get into tactics, we must change our mindsets and beliefs and build healthy approaches to develop important relationshipsSee immediate changesAnyone can use this information and excel in your career relatively fast. In a day if you really change your beliefs.Although for now I have six steps in this course I will be adding more bonus steps with key tactics some point in the future so make sure you follow to stay hip to the program. Just make sure you apply these tactics to your real life and go day by day according to your schedule to make improvements.I strive for the best and want the best for you.I am a highly motivated polarising visionary and artist. I got into creating music and art from the age of sixteen as a need to express myself, I focus on the vision and my gift to you is to see more for yourselfMore in you. I believe art is the expression of self.To create is life and that is a fact.I have been creating for ten years and I think it's time to give back.I pride myself on achieving the transformation of a lifetime in just a few years.I believe anyone can change their entire life within a few years, all it takes is courage, hard work and determination.It took a lot of mistakes, sweat and even tears to finally have a grasp of the skill needed to be able to rap at a professional level.I have been in this industry for seven years and have picked up a lot of information and secrets. I could pretend it was easy for me to rap but it was not. I have failed so many times so my gift to you is to learn from my mistakes so you can be at my level in half the time.Good luck- Prosp£r


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course overview

Section 2: Steps 1-6

Lecture 2 Have your content organised

Lecture 3 Setting up social media

Lecture 4 Inspiring people to join your journey

Lecture 5 Collaboration

Lecture 6 Remain a student

Lecture 7 Learn to socialise

Section 3: Lessons learned

Lecture 8 Overview

If you are having troubles being social, this course is a beginner's friendly course to give you professional push ahead in your networking endeavours.

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