Udemy Cubase Rapid Music Production

Udemy Cubase Rapid Music Production

This course is for beginners and intermediate home-engineers and producers who want to develop an extended skill set with Cubase. Specifically, this course includes training for:

Groove Agent SE
Chord Track
Arranger Track
Sampler Track

This course will show you exactly how to use the features in a practical way in your Cubase productions. Learning to use these features will speed up your workflow, make your productions more professional and allow you to get a lot more creative in the studio.

If you've upgraded Cubase (or you're a new user) and you've never learned to use these tools because they might appear confusing or unhelpful, then you are going to undoubtedly benefit from the lessons in this course! Get to know these tools and you'll never go back :)

What you'll learn

Produce Music Rapidly in Multiple Genres
Generate Automatic Drum Parts with Groove Agent SE
Quickly Compose, Arrange & Mix
Conform MIDI with Chord Track Instantly
Use Cubase as a Creative "Sandbox"
Make Sampled Instruments in Sampler Tracks
Follow 3 Different Case Studies

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