Udemy Developing Dexterity and Confidence Piano Foundation Level 5

Udemy Developing Dexterity and Confidence Piano Foundation Level 5

Learn Chordal Command, Advanced Chord Patterns & Advanced Piano Lessons For Beginners. Learn The Piano By Ear

What you'll learn
Learn how to play the Piano by ear
Learn advanced chord patterns for beginners
Learn traditional gospel Piano style
Learn 1-6-2-5-1 chord progression
Learn advanced 2-5-1 chord progression
Learn traditional Piano ending move
Understand Song Transcription
Learn how to use the Transpose feature
Learn how to use the Sustain Pedal
How to learn all 12 keys
Learn Chord Inversions
Learn The Circle of Fifths
Learn How To Do Song Transcription Effectively
Learn How To Use The Keyboard Transpose Feature
Learn Broken Chords and How To Play Them
Learn Chord Extensions And Altered Chord Extensions

Have a Piano or Keyboard
No prior Piano-playing experience needed

You are welcome to the course designed for beginners to gain mastery of the Piano. This course will help you to start your journey of going from beginner to intermediate level.Here Is the complete Course CurriculumChapter OneIntroductionChord InversionsBroken ChordsChord Extensions & Altered ExtensionsAdvanced Chord VoicingsChapter TwoIntroductionCircle of 5ths Chord Progression3 4 4# 5 Traditional Chord Progression1 6 2 5 1 Chord Progression2 5 1 Chord ProgressionSimple Traditional Piano Chord ProgressionChapter ThreeIntroductionUnderstanding Song TranscriptionUsing the Transpose FeatureHow To Use the Sustain PedalHow To Learn All 12 KeysChapter OneThis is the chapter that helps you to master chords as a beginner. You will learn how to play advanced chords, chord extensions and advanced chord voicings.Chapter TwoThis chapter shows you how to play advanced chords patterns like the circle of 5ths, traditional gospel Piano chord progressions and more.Chapter ThreeAs you go from beginner to intermediate, this chapter gives you the tools you need to master the Piano. This chapter shows you how to transcribe songs so you can play your favorite songs on the Piano. Playing your favorite songs, means playing along to songs which requires using the transpose feature of your keyboard. This chapter teaches you how to effective transpose so you can play and enjoy your favorite songs on the Piano


Section 1: Chapter 1 - Chordal Command

Lecture 1 Chapter Overview

Lecture 2 Chapter Introduction

Lecture 3 Chord Inversions

Lecture 4 Broken Chords

Lecture 5 Chord Extensions & Altered Extensions

Lecture 6 Advanced Chord Voicings

Section 2: Chapter 2 - Advanced Chord Patterns

Lecture 7 Chapter Overview

Lecture 8 Part 9 Chapter Introduction

Lecture 9 Circle of 5ths Chord Progression

Lecture 10 The 3 4 4# 5 Traditional Chord Progression

Lecture 11 Advanced 1 6 2 5 1 Chord Progression

Lecture 12 Advanced 2-5-1 Chord Progression

Lecture 13 Simple Traditional Piano Chord Progression

Section 3: Chapter 3 - Advanced Lessons For Beginners

Lecture 14 Chapter Overview

Lecture 15 Part 10 Introduction

Lecture 16 Part 10 Chapter Introduction

Lecture 17 Understanding Song Transcription

Lecture 18 Using the Keyboard Transpose Feature

Lecture 19 How to Use the Sustain Pedal

Lecture 20 How to Learn All 12 Keys

Lecture 21 Closing Remarks - Full Course End

Beginners,Never played the Piano before,You have basic Piano knowledge or skills,You want to learn the Piano by ear,You want to train your ears

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