Udemy 21 Ways To Market And Promote Your Music Online

Udemy 21 Ways To Market And Promote Your Music Online

21 Day Challenge To Help You Promote & Marketing Your Music

What you'll learn
Artists & Musicians Will Be Sprinting For The Next 21 Days To Focus On Growing There Fanbase Via 21 Different Strategies

Having music available for sale or stream would be beneficial

What If you had to start your music career over from scratch......what would you do to 10x your fanbase? Over the next 21 days I want to challenge you to sprint towards growing your fanbase.Yes, having a full time career in the music is a marathon but sometimes you have to sprint.Here is your mission for the next 21 days.Day 1 - How to your Email List & Facebook LikesDay 2 - YouTube Secrets Day 3 - Grow Your Spotify Streams & FollowersDay 4 - Instagram Hacks For Artists & Musicians Day 5 - How To Explode Your Fanbase with Messenger Bot MarketingDay 6 - Leveraging Your Network Using Shout For ShoutsDay 7 - Crowdfunding Secrets To 10x Your FanbaseDay 8 - Music Synch LicensingDay 9 Best Way To Grow Your Fanbase With Touring The Smart WayDay 10 - Radio Promotion Secrets To Explode Your Fanbase Without Losing Your ShirtDay 11 - Why Using Cover Songs Can 10x Your Fanbase Day 12 - Setting up your fries and coke to 10x your fanbase with merchandiseDay 13 - Use Time Management & Leverage to 10x Your FanbaseDay 14 - Leveraging Social Media Posts & Getting Off The Content Treadmill Day 15 - Goal Setting to 10x Your FanbaseDay 16 - How To Get a Manager to 10x Your FanbaseDay 17 - 10x Your Fanbase by signing a record dealAre you willing to take the challenge?Yes, I want To Take The 10x Your Fanbase Challenge!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Day 1 Dreams In Action Daily Planner (Goal Setting)

Lecture 2 Day 2 10x Your Fanbase With YouTube

Lecture 3 Day 3 - 10x With Spotify

Lecture 4 Day 4 Instagram

Lecture 5 Day 5 Messenger Bot Strategy

Lecture 6 Day 5 Messenger Bot Strategy Part #2

Lecture 7 Day 6 Shout for Shouts

Lecture 8 Day 7 Crowdfunding /Kickstarter Secrets

Lecture 9 Day 8 Music Synch Licensing TV/Film Placements

Lecture 10 Day 9 - 10x Your Fanbase With Touring

Lecture 11 Day 10 - Radio Secrets To 10x Your Fanbase

Lecture 12 Day 11 - Using Cover Songs To 10x Your Fanbase

Lecture 13 Day 12 - 10x Your Fanbase With Merchandise Sales

Lecture 14 Day 13 - 10x Your Fanbase Managing Your Time

Lecture 15 Day 14 - Leveraging Your Social Media Posts

Lecture 16 Day 16 - Getting a Manager to 10x Your Career

Lecture 17 Day 17 - Signing a Label To 10x Your Fanbase

Lecture 18 Day 18 - How To 10x Your Engagement On Social Media

Lecture 19 Day 19 - 10x Your Fanbase With ONE SONG

Lecture 20 Day 20 - 10x Your Fanbase With Conferences

Lecture 21 Day 21 - 10x Actions To Fuel Your Success

Artists & Musicians looking to grow their fanbase

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