Udemy Audio Recording 101 Record Voice Audio For Video Production

Udemy Audio Recording 101 Record Voice Audio For Video Production

Learn how to record High-Quality Audio Voice for Video Production, Online Tutorials or Podcasts

Have you ever struggled recording your voice, and you didn't know why your videos don't sound as good as the pros?

Making your audio sound great can be tricky if you don't know where to begin.

That's why I've created this course, so you can learn the essentials of recording spoken voice to improve the quality of your videos, podcasts or tutorials.

Audio is important, and I know many content creators overlook this and just focus on the video but having great quality audio will improve your videos, podcast, or tutorials online.

Over the years I've created over 1000 videos and I want to share my secrets with you to help you improve your audio for video!

I've made this class as concise as possible, making sure no time is wasted giving you an enjoyable and efficient learning experience.

Start Recording High-Quality Audio Today
This course is all about recording spoken voice audio and I also teach you some essentials for mixing and processing audio recordings.

What is this Audio Recording Course all about?
In this course, you will learn the essentials of Recording Voice Audio. You will learn the tools and processes to record and process audio so you can get great-sounding audio.

I provide you with numerous tips and tricks, helping to improve your knowledge and ears for recording audio.

This course has been designed in a way that is suitable for beginners, but I still recommend taking this course if you have some experience in audio recording.

This course will cover such topics as:
Room Treatment Tips
Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones
Recommended Pro Level Mics
Recommended Budget Level Mics
Audio Interfaces, Pro and Budget Level
Mic Positioning and Accessories
Microphone Polar Patterns
Recommended Monitors and Headphones
How to Record Audio in Free Audio Recording Software (Audacity)
Audio Editing in Audacity
Removing Background Noise and Using the Noise Gate Effect in Audacity
EQ and Compression Essentials for Processing Voice in Audacity
An in-depth look into Mixing Spoken Voice Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro
Including how to use effects like Noise Reduction, De-Esser, and a Limiter in Premiere Pro
Behind the Scenes Look at my Audio Recording Equipment
And Much More.

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