Udemy Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio

Udemy Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio

Few music degree programs prepare new music teachers to run their own small business. But that's what independent music teachers do! They create an environment that inspires students, promotes hard work and the creation of art, and reflects their values as an educator. And they have to do all of that while collecting payments, scheduling lessons and communicating with parents.

With a 20-30 minute video, slide deck and homework assignment for each module, veteran cello teacher Brittany Gardner will lead new (or experienced!) you through a journey of self-assessment, alignment and growth as you explore how to take your music teaching studio to the next level. Brought to you in partnership with studio management software provider Duet Partner, this course will help all music teachers focus on the music, not the management.

In this course, you will learn to:

How to discover your values as a teacher
How to build structure into your business planning
How to set up your physical studio space
How to create traditions in your studio that foster community and encouragement
How to interact with parents as clients
How to set a tuition plan and calendar schedule that work for you
How to create a pedagogical plan
How to make your lessons flow
How to be an effective note taker
How to interact as a musician with your broader community

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