Udemy Complete Acoustic Guitar Beginners Course

Udemy Complete Acoustic Guitar Beginners Course

There are many resources available online when it comes guitar training but sometimes it may becomes challenging to find a clear step by step program to guide the student. This is what inspired me to create this course to help my students learn how to play beautiful tunes on the acoustic guitar.

This course has been designed primarily for those who are completely new to the guitar, and wish to kickstart their journey playing the guitar professionally.

The lessons have been well researched and arranged to help you get a basic understanding of your instrument, as well as help you get started playing your favourite songs. I have explained the very basic foundational concepts that you ought to know, which will help you even through other levels of playing beyond the beginner level. The concepts have been broken down to simple, manageable bits that build upon each other and are easy for beginners to understand. I have included theory explanations as well as practical examples to the concepts explained. Here are the concepts you will learn in this course: Lesson 1 Parts of the Guitar, Notes on the Fretboard, TuningLesson 2 Basic Open Major chordsLesson 3 Introduction to Minor open chordsLesson 4 Introduction to StrummingLesson 5 The Major ScaleLesson 6 The Number system & Playing in KeyLesson 7 Dominant 7th chordsLesson 8 Introduction to FingerpickingLesson 9 Arpeggiating chordsLesson 10 Song Practice 1Lesson 11 Song Practice 2Lesson 12 Song Practice 3

What you'll learn

Parts of the guitar
How to tune your guitar
Notes on the fretboard
Open major chords
Open minor chords
Introduction to strumming techniques
The Major scale
The number system
Introduction to fingerpicking technique
Playing arpeggios
Song example

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