GratuiTous Record Vocals With No Latency

GratuiTous Record Vocals With No Latency

If you are sick and tired of hearing latency when recording your vocals, then this course has your answer!

You will learn what is latency, how to fix latency (delay), and hardware you can acquire to give you a ZERO LATENCY recording experience.

You are shown STEP-BY-STEP how to record vocals in FL Studio with no latency!

What is Covered:

How to Avoid Latency 100% with a Mixer
How to Reduce Latency with an Audio Interface (DIRECT MONITOR Knob)
How to Set Up Your Computer for Low Latency
How to Record and Edit Vocals in FL Studio for GREAT Results
How to Adjust Buffer Size when Recording and Making a Beat in FL Studio

After many years of producing and recording my own albums, you will learn the best way to record vocals in FL Studio with super easy results.

Note, to 100% avoid latency and get the best recording experience, you will need a mixer. You can however use an audio interface with a direct monitor knob (not a switch), which will also give you good results, but not like a mixer.

What You’ll REALLY Learn
How audio latency works (round-trip latency)..

Understand the problem of audio latency when it comes to your computer and DAW (FL Studio)

Learn how to set your buffer size depending on the stage of a song (at the beginning of the beat, recording, and mixing/mastering). Buffer size relates to latency, so it’s important to adjust this to optimum position throughout the song!

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