URM Academy Fast Track Drum Tuning with Matt Brown

URM Academy Fast Track Drum Tuning with Matt Brown

The key to great drum recordings starts with the source, a great drummer and drums that are in tune and properly voiced for the desired genre. In this Fast Track I will demonstrate how to tune a 4 piece drum kit. While the approach demonstrated can be used for any genre, I will be using a tuning and muffling scheme suited for the Pop-Punk genre.

I’ll explain some of the science behind the way a drum head moves which will help demystify what to listen for while tuning and how to maximize the muffling of undesired overtones or reduce sustain using a minimal amount of muffling material.

I hope that the information and examples in this Fast Track help you on your recording journey. If you like this fast track and would like to learn even more about drums and recording drums check out my fully comprehensive course Ultimate Drum Production.

Let’s get to it!

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