Udemy 3 Classic Song Intros By Jimi Hendrix

Udemy 3 Classic Song Intros By Jimi Hendrix

General Course Independent (GCI) - LEVEL 6

The impact Jimi Hendrix has had on the history of the electric guitar can hardly be underestimated. This course focuses on one of his main achievements: His incredible rhythm guitar playing. By learning these 3 song intros you will get an insight in the simple underlying concepts and the incredible diversity he was able to create from them. You are also very likely to get an aching fretting hand but don't worry: It´s good for you!

Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs is a series of guitar lessons that aim to provide guitar students with efficient practicing tools in the form of well-structured play-along based lessons. In addition to verbal instructions all of the steps leading up to the mastery of a song are represented as short practicing videos (“PV:s”) that repeats the segment at speeds suitable for practicing. The goal of each lesson is to the master the song video which is a fully produced track with on screen notation that corresponds to the practicing videos the student has been through. The platform is divided into 2 product lines: The General Course which is a systematic course that in 71 songs over 5 levels will take you from complete beginner to an early advanced level, and the General Course Independent-Series (GCI) which simply is songs and courses that you can expect to be able to learn when you are on a certain level. There are no GCI:s in the General Course.

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